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Ladies and gentlement this is the cognitive dissonance of your typical FANBOY

If I buy a car without working tail lights I am going to complain. If I buy a video game, no matter how good it is, I will complain if I get constantlydisconnected or has a really bad story part( example: Sith Inquisitor story on Nar Shadda was the worst writing i've seen in a video game)
First, storyline is a matter of opinion. Some people don't even like any star wars (shocker!) not even part 4-6! So just because you personally don't like one part doesn't mean the game is "broken."

Second, there's no way to test how an mmo will run when MILLIONS of people are playing because beta groups are far smaller then launch numbers.

Third, I know that it can be frustrating when the game is running slow but don't compare a video game to a potential accident causer that could result in death like driving with a broken signal light. I hate to tell you this but it's just a game meant to be fun...