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^^ Knights really take into the 30s to develop, and they don't get flashy moves but I think they are really fun once they do. BH gets flamethrowers and giant missile attacks at level 10 so they're definitely frontloaded on cool moves.

I really like Guardian/Juggernaut. The storylines are both pretty epic and they did a great job of making the moves for guard have finesse while the jugg just straight up brutalizes with huge swings. I love the amount of mobility and control they get over combat, bouncing around like a rabbit, throwing the saber left and right, hitting stuns and chokes and force pushing.

I also really like both agents. A ranged DPS class with a sniper rifle is a unique thing and I enjoy the cover mechanic. A melee heal class that uses an energy system instead of mana is also pretty unique. I love the challenge of pacing myself with healing, and the ability to "burst" healing when necessary but you pay the price with energy regen.

Plus the agent storyline is just amazing.