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Minimum Spec's to Run Smoothly


Rockafellerr's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 12:08 AM | #11
Thank you! So I should have enough of a rig to play without FPS issues correct?

Bloodtongue's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 12:20 AM | #12
I checked on the website and I did a third party analysis of my system and I passed the minimum requirements on both counts. That means that if I put all settings at low, I should be able to play the game with no lag whatsoever with poor graphics. This is not the case. People with much better specs than mine are experiencing the same lag. So it is definitely a Bioware issue. I find it almost conspiratorial that there is fine print on the game which states "minimum system requirements may be raised in the future". I think this whole thing is a ******** scam. I think they wanted to make this game cutting edge, but the corporate tie adjusters realized that millions would NOT be able to buy this game because of the minimum requirements. So they said **** it, lied about the minimum requirements, and released it anyways even though the majority of the players wouldn't be able to play it without lag. Hell they probably own stock in all the companies that the suckers will run to to buy upgrades just to play this game...... meh. I'm done with this pc gaming bs. I don't know of any other business where people can blatantly rip you off and fanboys will praise you for it.