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PvP Sytem Requires A LOT OF FIXING!

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PvP Sytem Requires A LOT OF FIXING!

MSmithPro's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 10:43 PM | #1
First off the lag that is in the war zones is freaking ridiculous should not be. People who lag get an advantage over the people who can actually afford decent computers. I find that skills are WAY to delayed.
IMPLEMENT A FREAKING MIN-MAX LEVEL WAR ZONES PLEASE! example: 10-20, 21-30 etc.. this is freaking stupid, it was cute to do when the game was released, owning level 50s as level 20, now its just stupid not fun AT ALL!! group of 4 level 50s cannot be stopped, especially when they 3 hit you because they slowing getting gear that is totally unbalancing the game for the rest of us. I'm sorry that I'm a casual player and can't spend my whole life on here to get to level 50 in the first week.
I'm sure i can speak for a lot of people that the War zones level mixture is unbalanced now, and should be fixed, level 10 gets into a war zone and just wants to quit because hes get 3 hit, I'm level 22 and get 3 hit by level 50 full pvp'd out.
PLEASE ADD A DIMINISHING RETURNS SYSTEM!!! I'm sick of getting stunned for 6 seconds, using ability to get out then getting put into another 6 second stun, *** is the point in even trying mi-swell just sit there and watch myself die.