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Sniper trouble on voidstar?

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Sniper trouble on voidstar?

Tortall's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 10:28 PM | #1
I'm sniping, lvl 25, on huttball and the map where you attack/defend doors i'm usually in top3 damage. but on the alderaan voidstar map (capture the flags map) I get smashed all the time. I've been thinking and maybe it's because:

-Its a giant flat horizontal map and its difficult to sneak up on or ambush anyone because people can generally see half the map.
-when attacking the east and west flags, they're up on slight platforms, this screws up line of sight for snipers because it means before we can attack we need to run up the stairs, then get behind our cover, then attack.

overall, snipers have no mobility, which is fine, but this map seems to really reward mobility

(or maybe i just suck at this map?)
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