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12.28.2011 , 09:48 PM | #1
I have been arguing about the dark side of the force for a very long time. Previously my argument was that the Dark Side isn't evil, it is instead all about Power, and the self-centered nature. Almost every Darth in existence (haven't read every book) will follow this. They would put their agenda above every other thing's agendas. They would kill people who stood in their way, even if they were running out of their way. They would betray their friends, superiors, subordinates, and family in order to advance further.

This can be evil, and it can not be. Darth Vader joined the dark side to save his wife, and then was constantly trying to save his children by having them join his side. He had planned to overthrow the emperor from the beginning, but would have to wait till he had enough power. What he did after that, would've probably been establish peace.

Now, I never even dreamed that Bioware would get this THIS wrong. Generalizing to avoid spoilers, some scientist created something for me and as soon as he finishes, I get the option to kill him. I am light side if I spare him, dark side if I don't. Darth Bane said "Killing without reason or gain is a petty pleasure for sadistic fools" so I thought "I might be able to make use of his abilities if I spare him... perhaps make a poison for someone else, or heal me when I am sick..." I spare him and get light-side points.

This type of thing is directly implying that the dark side is all bout being an insane psychotic killer. It is true, members of the dark side gain power from killing someone. However, that power is temporary. Like eating a piece of candy. Before a dangerous battle, or after one, that can be vital to survival. However, when there is no danger anywhere near in the future, killing people who could be useful later on is ridiculous.

If Darth Bane did that to the medic of his story, he would not only be dead, but the entire line of the dark side would've ended right then and there. The only way for it to continue was for a Jedi to be influenced by spirits, which would've delayed the galactic empire for another thousand years or so.

In summary, I am very very disappointed in how Bioware treated the dark side. They told us specifically they would treat the dark side with respect... is this what you call respect! Seriously! It isn't a mechanics issue, because they could easily add in a heck of a lot more choices that were truly dark side or light side. They can even modify some current ones to make it work.

I have seen some (few) choices where it is kill every civilian in a room in order to progress faster, or let them live. Another would be torturing someone to get the information out of him faster. Even killing someone because they were a threat to the empire, or an obstacle to you gaining more power. All of these are true light-side or dark-side decisions. I applaud Bioware for these, as these few show that the dark-side isn't a mindless killing machine, or a blood thirsty monster, but instead a unstoppable quest for power.

If you agree with me, please reply why. I want to know more arguments to support this. If you do not agree with me, please tell me why anyway. I will try to counter, and may even change my mind... 99% chance that will be the former.
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