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Dreshdae Cantina, Starting up a group for red Reaper

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Dreshdae Cantina, Starting up a group for red Reaper

Red_Vs_Blue's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 05:50 PM | #1
Seeing as there is no rdf or server forum (BW wants us to make our own? Seriously, are they trying to ruin this great game?). I have decided to just use this forum to advertise a group for Red Reaper tomorrow at 8 Pm EST, unless something changes the time.

pst me, Ageoffan, i a dps.

PST: BW for christ sake add a server based RDF, do you know how annoying it is for lvl's 40+ to find a group? And most of my guildies are in the 20's. this sharding is also annoying, only 20-40 ppl at most in the higher lvl planets, feels very single playerish tbh.
Ageoffan, lvl 50 Sith Warrior,Annihilation.
Server: Dreshdae Cantina
Guild: Legion of Fire