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Open world PVP from LVL 1

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Open world PVP from LVL 1

Cleverist's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 05:35 PM | #1
I would love to see them expand the "idea" of Illum to be available from lvl 1 just like WAR had RVR from the very very start. All this business about grinding Warzones and quests to get to end game to be able to start doing Open World PVP is really boring.

I really hope they are planning on bringing this into the game in the near future since they have alot of room to do it.

Also I said "idea" because everyone knows without reward for defending or kill quests people are just going to farm loot until it gets nerfed and then there will be a huge gap between the people who got to farm (like slicing) and those who will be stuck with the hard way.