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open letter to bioware re: grace period

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open letter to bioware re: grace period

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12.13.2011 , 05:14 PM | #1
Dear Bioware/ EA

(I know this is long but I promise it is worth it, also sign if you agree)

I have been following this game and a regular viewer on this forum for at least 2 years and have waited with baited breath for its release. In July you came out with pre-order information telling us that the sooner we pre-ordered a game, none of us have played, and with no specific release date the sooner we would get a undisclosed amount of early access. Many of YOUR most loyal future customers in good faith of your company choose to get the Collectors Edition (of a game we honestly knew little about) which contained several extra features with a premium price of $150 (US dollars).

Many local stores had no clue what was really going on so many of us went to Amazon who seemed to be giving out early access keys faster (remember you created a frenzy as to getting them earlier gave us earlier access to the game and many selling out). We knew Amazon would have to ship but we were implicitly told there would be a grace period from the time to ship to the time we got our game where we could still play. We trusted you, we put faith in you, you told us Bioware was a good company and we believed you, we believed you would have our backs as loyal customers who took the first plunge and believed in a unknown game. We were finally given a release date of December 20th many of us made plans to have time off to play this game with friends. I myself took vacation days to play this and plan on playing the early levels with friends. Now we are told because we believed in you and trusted your word, you are turning your back on us. We can't play till we get the physical game in our possession which during holiday season can easily be a week, with the millions of things Amazon is selling that week along with the huge amount of mail being delivered.

I agree several days isn't a lot and in the scheme of life and this game it is nothing. But now my self and many others like me will not be able to play on the first few days of actual release. Tho we get several days in pre-release (which we are thankful for) we will still be missing a large part of opening of a game many of us plan on playing for years (honestly if I didn't believe in this game I wouldn't have gotten a CE)

None of us are asking for any special treatment, nor do we want free days and will happily pay the monthly fees from the 20th till when we get our hard copy. We aren't looking to play 5 days early access then get a few days and cancel our subs / games which is a silly idea since many have already put down the money and have full intentions of being with you for a long time. We just want to play our game that we bought from a company that we thought would have our backs when things got bad, cause honestly many of us have had your backs.

Few are going to rage and cancel their orders at this point that is silly. It is common knowledge that opening day and launch for ANY product is crucial to long term success, whether it be movies, music, restaurants etc. No one knows this better than a MMO community, and you yourselves have repeatedly said how important launch is to the success of this game. This puts a major mark on launch for me and is not something I will forget, nor will many other members. Remember we are the ones who paid the most, first. We are the ones who will line up willingly and are financially able to for expansions (after this I will not get a special edition), books, and micro transactions. And we are the ones who have to decided month after month if we want to continue that $15 automatic debit from our accounts.

Whatever reasons you chose to do this to us is for money we aren't stupid, but by being able to collect in the 10's of thousands you are going to be paying 100's of thousand to millions in poor public relations, hurt feelings, and sooner canceled subscriptions to some of your best customers. I am ashamed I have to write something like this I thought Bioware was a better company than that. Please don't turn your backs on us.

Thank you very much


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12.13.2011 , 05:34 PM | #2

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12.13.2011 , 05:36 PM | #3
As i said before the forum wipe
NO matter what Bioware achieve with the launch, their success will be over shadowed by the Grace period issue

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12.13.2011 , 05:38 PM | #4
Good thing you made a new thread for this.
I had friends on that deathstar.

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12.13.2011 , 05:39 PM | #5
I don't see what harm it would do them to allow a grace period.
Help me, Bio-Ware Support; you're my only hope.

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12.13.2011 , 05:39 PM | #6

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12.13.2011 , 05:39 PM | #7
Oh man. That TOTALLY wan't worth reading.

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12.13.2011 , 05:40 PM | #8
You do realize has changed every order to Release day delivery on the 20th for the US right at the cost of 99 cents. There for you dont require a grace period. and if you pre ordered it from stores that dont, thats the retailers fault or your own for choosing a cheap shipping option, not biowares and EA's
Syrel Je'Gal
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12.13.2011 , 05:40 PM | #9
The grace period really is a big issue. It would be nice if this could be fixed somehow.

I just don't see how they would do it. Either way it's not the biggest deal. It will be christmas. Lots of time with the GF anyways

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12.13.2011 , 05:40 PM | #10
Bioware has shown their true colors the way they handled the launch. They are not ready for mainstream mmo. EA has never successfully launched one, and Bioware has now failed.

I thought the beta was one of the cleanest I have ever tested, the stress test on Thanksgiving weekend was interesting, but there were no problems. And now they don't even allow enough people into the game on the first day of "release." (It's not the official release, but in a year those who are still playing are those who are playing before it's released) You have put up your nose to a lot of people and they will not forget that. Guild wars 2 is coming out, Warcraft is coming out with another expansion, and countless other mmo's who have experience will no doubt take advantage of SWTOR's epic fail.

Rift has been the best launch I have ever seen in an mmo. SWTOR has been the worst.