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Clan Naor, the heavy RP Mandalorian guild.

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Clan Naor, the heavy RP Mandalorian guild.

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02.18.2020 , 02:42 PM | #1
Clan Naor

  1. Adhere to the Canons of Honor / Resolnare
  2. Respect the Chain of Command
  3. Respect other Gamers
  4. Respect Everyone
  5. Enjoy the Game
Our ranks are organized in to 5 groups:

Alor: only one holds this rank. The goal of the Alor is to guide and protect his family. The rank is denoted by deep orange and black beskar.

Cabur: These are the generals of the clan. In the absence of the Alor they speak with all the authority of the Alor. During war council the Cabur sit alongside the Alor as equals. There may be, at most, 7 generals at any time. The Alor's vote is the tie breaker for voted issues. The rank is denoted by the deep orange and crimson beskar.

Evaar'la'lor: Although not strictly the definition, the Evaar'la'lor for the purposes of Clan Naor are the Officers of the clan. At any time there may be 6 Evaar'la'lor. The primary focus of the Evaar'la'lor is to moderate events and train Ruus'alor in administrative tasks. Evident by White and Orange Beskar.

Ruus'alor: Strictly speaking, Ruus'alor serve the purpose of "veteran members." They have the added responsibility in this clan to serve as "junior officers." In the absence of an Evaar'la'lor any Ruus'alor may moderate an event. The primary focus of the Ruus'alor is to train the Alor'uus in War Zones, Flash Points, and Ops. Evident by White and Orange Beskar.

Vod: You join us as an aruetii, we accept you as Verd'ika, and you are raised to Alor'uus. This is the baseline rank of our clan, the first rank in which you proudly display our colors, and the single most important rank. The primary focus of Vod is to share our culture with the rest of the galaxy. Orange and Deep Orange Beskar.

At the time of writing this post: Today is a big day for our vod Rayveinn as we honor his right of passage. Please read his tale and welcome him as Alor'uus of Clan Naor, loyal supporters of Shae Vizla, Mandalore the Avenger.

Chapter 1

There was a rumor of a beast wandering the swampland of Dromund Kaas. It was said to make short work of Je'tii and Imperial Soldiers alike. Seeing this as an opportunity to put Rayveinn through the Verd'goten, Neirn sent out a call to the clan.

After a brief exchange of words over comms, Rayveinn found himself before the Alor and his Vod, Locknáh in the Dromund Kaas Spaceport. The three orange-clad Mandalorians grabbed supplies from the nearby vendor and marched on into the bog. Neirn commented on how the forestry reminded him of Dxun, but, Rayveinn was quick to point out how wet and swampy the place was. And how wet it was. And how rainy it was. And how wet it was.....

Locknáh kept a pet with him that occasionally would vanish into the brush and hunt some small creature before returning to his side. The strong and quiet warrior seldom spoke a word through the entire hunt. It wasn't until the trio happened upon the lair of their mark when Neirn revealed to the group that this was to be Rayveinn's right of passage.

Rayveinn took the news with excitement, turning to Locknáh to smugly exclaim "watch this!" as he took off towards the lair. The beast? An angry Gundark three times his size! Rayveinn launched himself into the air with his jetpack and fired four rockets in sequance to the Gundark. Despite its size, the rockets were easily out maneuvered and Rayveinn found his boot in the clutches of the Gundark who had launched itself up at him. The pair crashed down with a violent thud, beskar meeting rock and mud; razor claws meeting beskar metal.

Beskar is, possibly, the strongest metal in the galaxy. Even so, it would not withstand this abuse long. Rayveinn knew he had to act quickly. The Gundark let out a ferocious screech, seemingly both shocked and even more angry. Rayveinn had activated his wrist flame thrower and scorched the hide of his foe.
Seeking to get away from the flame the Gundark tossed Rayveinn aside. Mid-flight, Rayveinn again activated his Jetpack. He was determined to finish this fight. Rayveinn tossed a grenade towards the beast and before it could land he had drawn a second blaster. Quick as lightning, a flurry of bolts flew past the grenade and into the body of the Gundark. It howled angrily towards the annoying blaster wielding mando. Howled just long enough and loud enough for the grenade to find its way into his maw.

* * *

Rayveinn stood in a cloud of dust, the guts of the once great beast dripping from his beskar. The verd'goten was complete.

Chapter 2

Locknáh and Neirn both congratulated their Vod on his new accomplishment. From this day forward Rayveinn was no longer Verd'ika. He was now Alor'uus. Neirn inspected the remains of what was once a wild Gundark. "Are Gundark's native to this area?" He mused outloud. The three agreed that it was ugly enough to be from here...

Nevertheless, it seemed an odd place for a Gundark. Neirn stepped towards the cliff wall behind the remains. It was then that a second Gundark leapt from the shadows in an ambush. Neirn stumbled in surprise, barely having enough time to wield his electro-staff. Neirn, laying beneath the imposing monster, impaled one end of his staff into the beasts shoulder and the other end into the ground before rolling out of the way. Seeming to not even noticed that it had been impaled the monster attempted to chase the rolling mando. Pulled back by the blade the Gundark looked down at his situation and started clawing at the staff. It was too late, though. Locknáh already had the weakpoint in his sights. With a single bolt, the beast went limp.

Neirn retrieved his staff from the corpse of the Gundark. Now he really wanted to know what had attracted the two here. A hidden pass could be seen just behind the bushes where the monster had leapt from.

The trio walked in formation through the pass which led to a water fall. Just beyond the base of the waterfall was a datacron which was already whirring to life as they approached. The datacron contained a detailed account of Mandalorian history. Dating back to the war between the Zhell and the Taung on Coruscant.

How did a datacron on Mandalorian history end up way out here, on Dromund Kaas? Why was it being guarded by Gundarks? Are there more? Our adventure continues next RP...

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03.03.2020 , 10:51 AM | #2
Clan Naor
chapter 4

CLAN NAOR had tracked down SEEVAR to the KUATI DRIVE YARDs. Fighting had unexpectedly erupted between the REPUBLIC and EMPIRE. The MANDALORIANS rushed to recover their target alive... but they had FAILED!

Investigaton continued! By hook or by crook, the MYSTERY OF THE MANDALORIAN RELICS would be discovered! It wouldn't be long before rumors of such a RELIC would surface on HUTTA.

CLAN NAOR made their way to the world of the infamous HUTTS. There they would run into SOLUS MANDALORIANS and ARUETII with potential. These new companions would be enticed to join the search under the guise of a BOUNTY HUNT.

The battle against a MILITARY WAR DROID gave the ALOR a chance to secretly test them. With the droid slain, the team discovered the RELIC of MANDALORE THE PRESERVER nearby. Questions remained: who was leaving these RELICS? Why? Could CLAN NAOR be investigating their way into a TRAP?

Regardless, it was with great pride and honor that ALOR NEIRN would welcome the newest VERD'IKA!
Family is more than Blood.