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Issues with Onderon Reputation Decos Added in 6.1 (Mostly the Taxidermy Decos)

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Issues with Onderon Reputation Decos Added in 6.1 (Mostly the Taxidermy Decos)

JediBoadicea's Avatar

02.15.2020 , 09:38 PM | #1
With 6.1 you added a bunch of taxidermy decos to the Onderon reputation vendor. This is great, but I noticed two different issues.

The (Gold Plaque) versions are entirely missing. I checked both factions' vendors just in case it was a faction specific thing (like the Iokath reputation decos), but both factions' vendors were selling the base and the Silver Plaque only; neither had the Gold. So either the Gold Plaque version is entirely missing, or one of these vendors needs to be updated.

Wrong names assigned to the creatures. I appreciate the design of the decos, but your decos person needs to make sure they run things by a lore editor, because the decos that say they are Acklay are actually using Iknayid models. And the decos that say they are Terentatek are actually using Gundark models. This one is a mostly harmless bug so if fixing it would cause difficulties there's probably no issue letting it slide, but maybe pass a note on to your designers to make sure they're using the right names.

(Similarly, you need to have your writers pass a lore editor's copy edit check; in the Onslaught expansion characters referred to bacta when the KOTOR/SWTOR time period and everything else in the game is using kolto, and similarly there were references to Star Destroyers which are also out of the wrong time period.)

Onderon City Wall deco missing. Last note on the Onderon reputation decos bugs: With 6.0, and still in the decos UI as of 6.1, there is an "Onderon City Wall" deco shown as sourced from the reputation vendor, but it is not now and has never been available. Perhaps when adding in the (Gold Plaque) taxidermy decos you can make sure to put this one in too?