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Max Warzone group size?

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Max Warzone group size?

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12.28.2011 , 12:04 PM | #1
Is it possible to queue an Ops group of 6 or 8 for Warzone play? Yeah, I could answer this question myself my making such a group and trying to queue, but rather than corralling 8 people in-game for the experiment, I thought I'd ask here.

I suspect it's not, but hope otherwise. Team strategy, of course, is key to winning in the Warzones (and PVP in general). Because TOR launched without in-game voice communication, coordinating with randomly selected Warzone teammates in any kind of continuing tactical sense is pretty much impossible. The best bet for executing strategy is taking in a group of friends or guildmates who share a strategy and can effectively communicate on the fly.

A full team of guildmates, with a voice server, would be a lot of fun in Warzones. It would be great to play Huttball and be certain that a teammate isn't going to catch the ball, then stay put and fight to the death while holding the ball, or run alone to an artillery position held by three enemies.

But if the maximum queued group size is 4, team strategy can only be half as satisfying, give or take. So did Bioware consider this when they decided to forgo in-game voice, and allow us to queue Ops groups, or will Warzone play forever be a random chance to draw teammates who just don't know how/refuse to play as a member of a team?
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