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Battle of Iokath - Damage Overcharge Locations

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Battle of Iokath - Damage Overcharge Locations

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01.02.2019 , 01:09 PM | #1
This is the damage overcharge supercluster for Battle of Iokath.

For those new to these, each of the Team Deathmatch maps has a "supercluster" of locations that will spawn damage overcharges exclusively. When one is taken by a player, the supercluster will, after enough time for expiry has passed, spawn another damage overcharge. Learning these locations and watching the minimap will help you gain more damage overcharges, or deny them to enemies.

When the other TDM maps first came out, these were documented as well. Drako's thread ( ) doesn't have his links any more, but his link to Linuxizer's DO map is still there and works. So for Kuat and Shipyards:
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