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Ood Bnar Memorial Decoration Bugged?

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Ood Bnar Memorial Decoration Bugged?

JediBoadicea's Avatar

12.17.2018 , 02:30 AM | #1
Has anyone figured out how to get the Ood Bnar Memorial decoration? The decos UI says the source is Ossus Reputation, but it's not on the vendor. (Besides, all of the Ossus world drop decos say this same source, so clearly it's not really accurate in all cases.)

I was originally thinking it might be rewarded for getting all the Ossus datacrons, since Ood Bnar is the theme of the weapon tuning and everything else involved with the datacrons (the deco preview even shows all the color switches), but I just completed that (all datacrons, got the tuning) and the deco didn't pop.

Anyone have any insight? I'm wondering if this is a bug, like maybe there was supposed to be an achievement associated with this that popped the deco as a reward.

scruffylookingme's Avatar

04.14.2019 , 10:14 PM | #2
I thought the same thing. You'd think it would drop from the cron that gives the tuning, but... here we are. ;-;

JediBoadicea's Avatar

04.15.2019 , 08:46 PM | #3
Yeah, unfortunately I still haven't seen this deco become available anywhere. Has anyone at all had any luck with this?

I have dozens of copies of every Ossus drop deco (have all the achievements and the vendor decos too, with the sole exception of the ones that require Monumental crystals), but there remain five decos I just have not been able to get by any means. One of them, the Irrigated Garden, I've at least seen drop once from a WB (just once in all the times I've killed them, and alas las I didn't win it), but the other four I haven't seen anywhere at all. They are:

Ood Bnar Memorial
Shifting Crystal Container
Void Crystal Container
Withered Tree

Can anyone confirm having unlocked any of these, and if so how you acquired it?

The Ood Bnar Memorial deco definitely still feels like it might be a bug that was meant to pop with the achievement, but I don't know about the others. The crystal ones seem odd ones to make so rare. If these are truly drop decos then I really hope their drop rates can be revisited and improved. I've had Legend rank on Ossus since the first day it was possible to have it given the weekly cap, and I continue to run the dailies on nearly ten characters, persistently capped on Relics. That's a whole heck of a lot of killing mobs on Ossus to have had zero luck in getting these decos.

Jordankwells's Avatar

02.21.2020 , 01:03 PM | #4
Is there any update on the Ood Bnar deco? I can view it in game but I don't know how to get it and it sucks.

JediQuaker's Avatar

02.21.2020 , 01:59 PM | #5
It has something to do with Achievements, but I don't know which ones, etc.
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DarkTergon's Avatar

02.21.2020 , 03:23 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by JediBoadicea View Post
/snip but the other four I haven't seen anywhere at all. They are:

Ood Bnar Memorial
Shifting Crystal Container
Void Crystal Container
Withered Tree


I've seen the Withered Tree drop from the wb's a couple of times, but have never won the toss , the other three I haven't seen.
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JediBoadicea's Avatar

02.21.2020 , 08:02 PM | #7
The decorations inventory/UI is unfortunately extremely unreliable as regards what it lists as the source for decorations. There are decos still in the inventory that have been there since the launch of strongholds and that are still not available on the source it says they're from (the fabrication droids). Similarly we have decos that say they're from certain packs they were never in, and etc.

So although the Ood Bnar deco now has as its source an "achievement" (it used to have a different source in the tooltip), it's almost impossible to know if that's a bug in the tooltip, or a bug in the associated mystery achievement, in no small part because decorations bugs almost never get acknowledged or addressed. I have all the Ossus achievements except the PVP ones, and I've got all the Ossus datacrons, and no achievement has ever popped this for me.

After a sickening length of time grinding Ossus I did finally see the Irrigated Garden and the Withered Tree drop on world bosses, but of course odds of winning them are slim - and now that Ossus is no longer the end game hub, I would say the odds of getting these decos are almost non-existent, because you just can't be guaranteed a group to even down the bosses. Unlike Ops, which remain relevant for the gear grind forever, the Ossus world bosses net zero benefit now unless you're achievement hunting, and the amount of people required for that boss group mean even those achievement hunters are now probably SOL.

Something I suggested in the past in the never-read Suggestions forum, and which I still think would be great, is if the below Legendary rarity decos were added to Ossus decos vendor who sells decos for Tech Fragments, or to the Ossus reputation vendors for a hefty 1000 Relics cap price. Price them high in either relics or fragments to keep them rare, and/or tag them to the Legendary rep requirement, do whatever to make them more difficult to get, but at least make it possible to get them.

Irrigated Garden - Very rare drop from Ossus world bosses, almost impossible to achieve now.
Ood Bnar Memorial - Bugged, has never been available.
Shifting Crystal Container - Has never been available from any source I know of.
Void Crystal Container - Has never been available from any source I know of.
Withered Tree - Very rare drop from Ossus world bosses, almost impossible to achieve now.