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Ability Delay -- Character Responsiveness (This will make or break SW:TOR)

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Ability Delay -- Character Responsiveness (This will make or break SW:TOR)
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12.30.2011 , 07:07 AM | #1641
Quote: Originally Posted by georgzoeller View Post
this issue is under active investigation.

The complication is that there are actually a number of different issues with very different causes and potential resolutions lumped together in this thread.

All we can say for now is 'we are actively working on the topic of character responsiveness'.

read this

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12.30.2011 , 07:20 AM | #1642
Quote: Originally Posted by jfahy View Post
Posting so I can rate the thread.

When TOR was in beta, I said in one of my comment forms that control responsiveness was my only real worry; I said that LOTRO was about a 2/10 for responsiveness and crisp control, WOW was 10/10, and TOR was sitting at about a 6.

It's improved since then, but still the little bits of hesitation in the controls bug me several times per minute when I'm in combat. I don't know if this issue will make or break TOR, but if I could pick the most important areas for improvement (it's a short list - I love this game) control responsiveness would be in my top three.

My pet example: in WOW you could start casting a frost bolt, interrupt the cast by jumping, fire off an ice lance while in mid-air, land, and start mining a node the instant your character's feet hit the ground. Try doing something like that in TOR and I predict the instant cast either wouldn't go off or wouldn't go off until after you hit the ground, and you'd probably get a "can't do that while moving" error when you tried the harvesting action.
you just reminded me of another one of my pet peeves -- the bloody STUPID "can't do that while moving" error, which is most likely associated with this whole bugged combat/play/responsiveness thing. that happened to me in rift, as well, and it ANNOYS me to no end. i am NOT moving. i stopped moving WELL over a half-second ago, my feet were FIRMLY planted, so WHAT IS THE DEAL??

I heal for you. You kill for me. Seems a workable solution.

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12.30.2011 , 07:24 AM | #1643
Hello all,

As this thread has reached our thread limit for posts, we are going to close this and restart it.

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