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Lv50 premades destorys the fun of PVP

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Lv50 premades destorys the fun of PVP

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12.28.2011 , 10:15 AM | #21
You know, this really was a non issue untill poeple finally got to 50.

I'll admit, it is frustrating as a Sorc going against level 50s, becuase I don't feel like I can scratch them. It is like they have on some sort of super damage reduction armor. BUT Luckily most of the time all they want to do is kill stuff. Sadly levle 50 snipers are like God to me and the Melee classes just annoying.

In Huttball, if my team of Pugs can managed to battle the opponents off our side of the map, we can normally get at least 1 score and even win it.

Personally when playing the Warzones I don't notice the level untill I notice I'm getting pwned really bad.

The issue with level 50s will sort itself out on it's own. There are still enough new player to fill in games and get stomped, and enough people who are making alts to experience the other class's stories.

And don't worry about facerolling when you hit 50, You will have plenty of seasoned 50's to prevent that from happening. Personally I'd take this time to get good at defending yourself against these overpowered monsters so when you become one you can better combat them.
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12.28.2011 , 10:27 AM | #22
Answer: (Level bracket-based Matchmaking)
At least a bracket for under level 35 and one for above level 35.
'Bolster' does not make a level 15 equal to a level 50. No matchmaking is only fun for higher levels and does not make for a good pvp system.

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12.28.2011 , 10:31 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisKeck View Post
I vote we ignore this post for 3 months.

In 3 months we can all revisit this when we have a level 50 toon we can play on.

So in reality the current complaint is "these guys leveled faster than me and now I have to pvp against them ***."

It is more like "people who don't have work or anything else to do leveled faster and are now wrecking" instead. I am not a troll for me this is a big issue. I see more and more people leave once they see that its a group of 50s from the same guild becuse people don't know they havent the chance becuse of Gear/Ability atvantage...

Why make it so the once who "have no life" is supose to wreck? and not let people who work and do other stuff aswell who dont have time to play 24/7 get to have any ability to deal with the issue?.

Quote: Originally Posted by Aragingbull View Post
The problem is't the level 50s it's you low levels draging the team down -_-

Yes i'm looking at you noobie who just turned 10 and wanted to do A WZ.

There needs to be brackets in like a month when theres a wide range of levels.
Lets see you level to 50 withing a week when you have work, irl issues and friends to hangout with? if you do then bravo for you. Not everyone have that luxary..

and for thoes who wonder i am not a troll or i am not supose to be. This is a issue i want fixed that can be fixed with just brackets.. how hard is it?...

Edit: I allso have to add once you get 50? what about then? will it be fun to keep killing people at lower level? i mean comon sure it can be fun the first week or so but you gotta think that there is ALLWAYS GONA BE LOW LVL PEOPLE.. even if its alts og if its new people. they will get the same experience as we get now (the once whos not 50 atleast) which is ennoying..

And think in about a mounth or so? when its merly only 50+.. low lvls will join people will keep trying the game and people will rage "why is there low lvls in my BG? god we gona lose now" yada yada.. I hope you get my points if you dont your just a sick elitist.

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12.28.2011 , 10:53 AM | #24
People need to remeber that there are no xserver WZ's so implimenting a bracket system is going to have very serious draw back in the future. Once everyone is lvl 50 then they would just be playing themselves, but what about the occasional lower lvl that wants to PvP. Now he is in extreamly long ques or just never gets to PvP. While it certianly is no fun PvPing against people who out gear you realize that team coordination will more than likely trump gear, its when people are facing premade lvl 50's that the pain train really comes. You now have a coordinated group of players who out gear everyone else and that will always be difficult to beat.

I do wish they would impliment in their queing system a measure that attempted to match premades with premades first, even if it ment bumping their position in que up to be matched with another premade. Segregating premade and pug, in my opinion is only going to hurt those who are making premades and lead them to attempting to exploit game mechanics to get their whole team in at the same time. If all the premades claiming they are doing it for competition then maybe bioware could impliment a vs premade option to allow those that really are after the competition and not face roll fun times to que against each other.

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12.28.2011 , 11:29 AM | #25
The reason for the bolstering is because the game is new. If there were brackets right now the ques would take years, especially for those people who are 50. Those people would only be able to get into 1 warzone a day.

I for 1 am thank full for the bolstering. I get to play with all my lvl 40+ friends in pvp because of it. Without it I would have to roll with no bodies.

I don't know if you are just having back luck or what. I am only lvl 17, I have mostly green, but some blue gear, and I am obviously missing most of my skills. However, I am an avid gamer, I have played pvp in every sort of game you can imagine, and I am fairly good. On my Server in my situation I get top 5 almost every game. most of the time top 3. I don't know if this has a lot to do with queing with friends, but who knows.

I think people just need to stick to it and give it a month or so before totally bashing the current pvp system.

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12.28.2011 , 11:41 AM | #26
My friend and I (lvl 31 and 33) are running to a point guarded by a single lvl 50 sniper in the alderaan wz, should be pretty easy, 2v1. Sniper 2-shots my friend before we even get within 15 yards of him and then 4-shots me.

Is this all snipers or just level 50 snipers...? He pretty much held the point by himself for the whole game. Later on we sent 5 or 6 people and a healer joined him and he killed all of us before we could kill his healer.

_Foy's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 11:41 AM | #27
In regards to OP's issue:

I can only hope that once there are a lot of people queuing for WZs across the server that BW will start to bracket it, or try and soft bracket it... (allowing for players to bleed from one bracket to another if there's a disproportionate amount queuing)
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12.28.2011 , 11:47 AM | #28
Between expertise from level 50 PvP equipment, a full host of abilities and a full 41 skill points the lower levels don't stand a chance. It really does break Warzones. We run 50 premades or 40+ premades every night and win almost every match, the only challenge being when we run into another high level premade.

Consider that from the skills alone I'm getting +15% to crit for one skill, +40% damage to another, +35% damage to yet another, etc. and then add in expertise on top of that. I can do more damage and more healing than your level 15 at the same time.

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12.28.2011 , 11:55 AM | #29
my lvl 28 sorc has no issues lvl 50s on warzones
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12.28.2011 , 11:59 AM | #30
Quote: Originally Posted by wtb_skillz View Post
Meh its Variance there are plenty of not 50 premades you can run into. I mean if you queue solo you are asking for a beating typically. Also people dont understand how expertise works, in some cases getting bolstered at a low lvl actually increases your damage. Obviously being 50 helps. However you would be surprised how well you could do against a group of 50s in a premade group of your own if you are more skilled and organized. One thing I learned from most people who rushed to 50 they are not that great at PvP. Sadly PvP is an elitist activity if we like it or not. Very organized planning can do very well vs a group.

Also to note I have queued with a full premade of 45+s and sometimes lower levels can win it really depends on your 4 other pugs. Just practice makes perfect, however if it makes you unhappy or gets you stressed enough to post in a forum where same complaint has been talked about for months then you might want to take a step back a bit.

When the game has way more 50s they are implementing the level 50 only bracket and all can rejoice and complain about 49s in their queues.
This guys right here knows where it is at...

But to be honest, people will never be happy no matter what! there will always be someone to complain. :-\