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Slug Shield Piercing Breakpoints

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Slug Shield Piercing Breakpoints

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07.01.2018 , 05:09 PM | #1
Recently Iíve wanted to experiment with Bypass and because of the new health totals and new Hull damage upgrade on Slug Railgun all my old Shield piercing breakpoints didnít work anymore so I had to redo them.

Basically all these numbers do is let you instantly know if your Slug is going to kill your target even if they have full shields. All you need to do is look at the percentage of health your target is at and if heís under the breakpoint you know your going to finish him off with the one Slug. Knowing these are really important when using Bypass since you can know at a glance if you should use Bypass or not.

This post is really math heavy because I wanted to show how I got to these numbers. If you trust my math skills feel free to skip to the bottom Iíll have a list of all the breakpoints down there.

I should mention all this math is for using Extra hull damage and Extra damage upgrades on Slug. (Thatís the 4th upgrade left and the 5th upgrade right) Thatís my normal Slug setup and if youíre trying to maximize the usefulness of Bypass I believe is the correct way to go.

Slug shield piercing 28%
Bypass shield piercing 18%

Slug Damage 1720+6% Hull

1720 x 0.28=481.6
481.6 x 1.06=510.496 Shield pierce damage on a regular shot

28+18=46% Total shield pierce with Bypass up

1720 x 0.46=792.2
792.2 x 1.06=893.732 Shield pierce damage on a Bypass shot.

Scout health totals
1050 or 1260

Scout reinforced breakpoints

40.51% health total (No Bypass) = 510.496/1260
70.93% health total (Bypass) = 893.732/1260

If you're convinced the Scout doesn't have reinforced you can use these breakpoints

48.61% health total (No Bypass) = 510.496/1050
85.11% health total (Bypass) = 893.732/1050

Strike health totals
1525 or 1830

Strike reinforced breakpoints

27.89% health total (No Bypass) = 510.496/1830
48.83% health total (Bypass) = 893.732/1830

If you're fighting a T1 Strike which doesn't have an armor component or you can tell they don't have reinforced you can use this breakpoint but I don't recommend it for T2/3 Strikes

33.47% health total (No Bypass) = 510.496/1525
58.60% health total (Bypass) = 893.732/1525

Gunship health totals
1250 or 1500

Gunships are a little different since I don't know of anyone actually playing reinforced on it currently so while I'm going to do the math to show it with reinforced you should just use the regular one.

40.45% health total (No Bypass) = 510.496/1250
63.37% health total (Bypass) = 893.732/1250

With reinforced if they have it for some reason

34.03% health total (No Bypass) = 510.496/1500
59.58% health total (Bypass) = 893.732/1500

I don't really see a point in doing Bombers, it's not very useful, if you guys really want me to add it I will though.

Now the exact same thing except with Damage Overcharge!

Slug Damage 3440


28+18=46% Total shield pierce with Bypass up


Scouts don't matter because they always get one shot by a DO Slug

Strike health totals
1525 or 1830

Strike reinforced breakpoints

55.79% health total (No Bypass) = 102.0992/1830
91.65% health total (Bypass) = 167.7344/1830

Without reinforced

66.95% health total (No Bypass) = 102.0992/1525
100% health total (Bypass) = 167.7344/1525

Gunship health totals
1250 or 1500

Gunship breakpoints

82.67% health total (No Bypass) = 102.0992/1250
100% health total (Bypass) = 167.7344/1250

With reinforced

68.06% health total (No Bypass) = 102.0992/1500
100% health total (Bypass) = 167.7344/1500

Here's your shield piercing breakpoints

Normal shot/Bypass shot
Scout 40/70
Scout no reinforced 48/85
Strike 27/48
Strike no reinforced 33/58
Gunship 34/59
Gunship no reinforced 40/63

Damage Overcharge
Scout 100/100
Strike 55/91
Strike no reinforced 66/100
Gunship 68/100
Gunship no reinforced 82/100

I like to put a sticky note on my monitor to remember the more important ones.
This is what I write on mine.

Scout 40/70
Strike 27/48
T1 Strike 33/58
Gunship 40/63
Strike 55/91
T1 Strike 66/100
Gunship 82/100
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07.02.2018 , 08:10 AM | #2
Am I correct in reading that on the Empire side, only Skadge and Khme Val have Bypass?
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07.02.2018 , 01:31 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by phalczen View Post
Am I correct in reading that on the Empire side, only Skadge and Khme Val have Bypass?
Yes sir, if you're going to play Bypass it pretty much has to be on Republic. Otherwise you're giving up Pinpointing and that's just never worth it.
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