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Trying out a Tactics Vanguard for PVP, Utilities?

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Trying out a Tactics Vanguard for PVP, Utilities?

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06.12.2018 , 06:35 AM | #1
Can anyone show me the utilities they use for on for PVP? I am a returning player and was told Tactics is the way to go for Vanguard DPS. Thanks!

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06.12.2018 , 12:07 PM | #2
Some of these come down to personal preference, but in my opinion, MOBILITY is the key. Take all of the speed buffs related to Hold the Line, possibly including Battlefield Training.

Skillful: Iron Will, Reflective Armor
Masterful: Electro shield, Your preference
Heroic: Advance the Line, Smothering Slag
Legendary: Charge the Line, Your preference

Recommended "Your preference" choices: Battlefield Training, Parallactic Combat Stims, Guard Cannon, Battering Blitz.

Remember: You are a glass cannon/ paper tiger. You will often run in, shoot your load, run away for heals, then run back in.
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