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Novus Dominion 18+ Heavy RP (PvP/PvE)

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Novus Dominion 18+ Heavy RP (PvP/PvE)

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05.12.2018 , 04:16 PM | #1

Guild Leader(s): Overlord Harbínger

Council Members: Imperator Cruxx, Commandant Jerrico, Executor Nightbane, Grand Magister Aspirus

Branch Officers: Darth Tribulatus, Major Talkendo, Headmaster Praector, Director Ulrich, Hand of the Executor Iris Ruu, Shadow Hand Alcatorme

Guild Alignment: Empire

Guild Type: 18+ Heavy RP (PvP/PvE)


Active Member Counter: 89

Guild Rules


Novus Dominion is an 18+ Heavy RP-PvX Imperial guild. The central theme of the guild is story, building Role Play in a way that can be interactive, fun, and long lasting. The guild has a history, being formed from two previous Dominion's (Shadow Dominion & Sovereign Dominion), the same leadership has either directly influenced or had part in the direction of the Dominion since it's creation in 2014. However, the guild has roots all the way to the release of the game in The Sovereign Aeons. Novus Dominion hopes to revive the great story telling and expierence in the newly merged Star Forge server, having been long absent since the days of Ebon Hawk. Novus Dominion this time around, hopes to be deeply involved in building the entire community up, attending and hosting public events, and involving others to help stimulate and build RP for all.


Years ago, the Novus Dominion began its roots with the council members playing together in the guild Sovereign Aeons. Here expierence and training was practiced in the early days of the Cold War and eventual spread of the Great Galactic War, and the Makeb Hutt Crisis. Overlord Harbinger rose to power before the Revanites grew to full power, leading multiple campaigns in the name of the Empire. Forming Shadow Dominion, years of prosperity befell the new Dominion until the Zakuul invasion of their homeworld Ashas Ree. The Eternal Empire of Zakuul would ravage the galaxy for many years, causing the Dominion to fracture, and reform into the Sovereign Dominion, until finally it too fell. Now with the Zakuul threat seeming to be over, and the return of the Overlord and his Council, the Dominion will once more rise to bring glory to the Sith.

-What we seek-

Novus Dominion strives to be influential and beneficial to the sever by bringing an element of storytelling expierence not many guilds have. We seek RPiers who aren't afraid to build themselves up in character, developing their characters and bonds in and out of the guild. We seek Sith who aren't afraid to learn, but also teach. Imperial Soldiers who can follow orders, and give them when needed. Loyalty to the Dominion above all things, helping us build the guild from within, while building the Empire as a whole. People willing to go to events, follow instructions, and enjoy good old fashion dice roll combat. (With other fun events in between). The Novus Dominion is an open expierence for many to enjoy!


Sith Branch Click for Info
Led by Grand Magister Aspirus
Recruiting: HEAVY
Officerships: OPEN

The Sith of Novus Dominion will have an interactive expierence as we rebuild our old Academy system. Classes to teach lore and Sith history, along with practing your ability in the force. Master/Apprentice system for our Lords on up for students to be apprentices once they graduate the Academy. Sith are the heart and soul of the Dominion, as it is ruled by Sith and intends to keep Imperial tradition.

Ranks of the Sith
(Starting with the rank of where you begin our community)
High Lord


Military Branch Click for Info
Led by Imperator Cruxx
Recruiting: HEAVY
Officerships: OPEN

The Dominion Military is a proud service of the overall Imperial Military. Naval and Army assets combine to bring the full might of the Empire upon any foe. Join the 45th Shock Troop Regiment, a special task group organized under the Dominion to be the military arm of the Dominion. Organization, Uniformity, Fire Team/Squad RP. The 45th is now set as one of our most focused branches with a full Fire Team roster and NPC unit formations to compliment!

Ranks of the 45th
(Starting with the rank of where you begin our community)
Sergeant/Petty Officer
Staff Sergeant


Intelligence Branch Click for Info
Led by Commandant Jerrico
Recruiting: HEAVY
Officerships: OPEN

The Dominion Intelligence Agency is a department of Sith Intelligence focused on being the experts in all things Intel. Espionage, Spying, Sabatage, and Interogation is the art forms of the D.I.A as they work with the other branches of the Dominion. They are also tasked with internal affairs, looking for treason, heresy, and doubt within the ranks. They are the secret police of the Dominion.

Ranks of the D.I.A
(Starting with the rank of where you begin our community)
Field Agent



Contractors are the hired help of the Dominion, these are Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries who are not fully aligned with the Empire, or Dominion powerbase, but loyal to the money provided. Dominion Intelligence screens our freelance friends and ensures they are well paid for their efforts, along with engaging contracts to help in intelligence gathering, espionage, assassinations, and your typical dead/alive bounties.

Note: Contractors DO NOT rank up or work like your typical member. They have special rules, including unable to rank up passed a certain point, and must be pre-screened ICly before entrance into the guild.


The Dominion Court

The Dominion Court is the central governorship of the Dominion, hosting the Shadow Guard, Slaves, and Civilian populace in a combined structure. Recruiting is done for each three section independently while serving a single branch leader.

The Shadow Guard
Led by Executor Nightbane
Recruiting: HEAVY
Officerships: OPEN

The Shadow Guard is an elite honor guard of the Dominion, tasked with protection of the Dominion Council and the Overlord himself. They are the equal to the Dark Honor Guard of the Sith Empire or the Knights of Zakuul. The Shadow Guard are strict political enforcers, ensuring that any whisper of heresy or treason is snuffed out. They perform executions, assassinations, and personal missions from the council.

Ranks of the Shadow Guard:
(Starting with the rank of where you begin our community)
High Templar
Shadow Hand
Hand of the Executor

Civilians, Traders, Scientists, Diplomats, Advisors

Citizens of the Dominion are those non-comatives who simply wish to live within the Dominion's territory and scope of control. These range from the every day Imperial civilian, to musicians playing entertainment at festivities, or even the lowly slave who is owned by the Dominion. Diplomats who work with other guilds and factions. Scientists who design new weapons of war.
Note: Citizens are taken per application and investigation. Your character must fit the Dominion theme.

Slavery is a time honored tradition of the Sith Empire, having been practiced by the Sith people since the days of ancient Korriban, it is a culturally embeded practice in our society. The Dominion houses slaves from your typical house slave servant, combative slaves as penal forces or sport, and your common entertainment slave. The Shadow Guard are tasked with instruction, discipline, and etiquette of the slave caste.

Note: Slaves are UNABLE to rank up at all in the guild. Choosing to RP a slave means you accept your place at the bottom of the caste. We accept ONLY serious 18+ adult oriented RPiers willing to actually RP a pinnacle and important part of Imperial society. This is not for pure dancers or ERP, but for culture and a serious experience.


That all being said we have a few expectations for our members to follow:
Communicate and interact in the guild. (Don't just join and go silent.)
Be a contributing member. (Help your fellow guild mate if possible)
Respect and be tolerable
Act as an adult (18+, means 18+. Mature content will happen)
Use common sense
And more

[warning]Novus Dominion is 18+ for a reason. Adult oriented themes and mature content happens OOC and IC. We will not, nor ever allow anyone below the age of 18 in the guild. NSFW material, and other mature content happens in the guild RP and story that adds a layer of realism and story that could not otherwise be told. This is a warning to those that apply. We are NOT SFW, we are NOT easy to cope with. Things such as slavery, xenophobia, genocide, and other extreme content that is lore supporting happens and is RPied by PLAYERS and written into our stories.[/warning]


Highly Committed Role Play, and Character Development

We here at Novus Dominion have expierence in GM'ing many events through the years in SWTOR. We base our main RP combat off dice using the in-game dice rolling function /roll. Through the next few months we aim to beta test how in-depth we wish our system to go, as we had an EXTREMELY in-depth RP system back in Shadow Dominion. Right now we are a basic D20 system with HP, and Combat Dye depending on in-guild rank. Dice will help us flesh out and decide conflict throughout the guild from the story, combat, and interactions in the world. (Think D&D style)

PvE (Flashpoints/Operations/Conquest)

The guild fully intends to partake in more than just RP in our spare time, we can't be strong individuals in the Empire if we can lose in fights! Thus, we aim to hold guild operation sessions once we have the manpower for them, and aid people in Flashpoints and more. We are also very helpful when it comes to aiding fellow members level up!

PvP (Open World, Warzones, Starfighter)

The guild is also not just one for talks, we intend to fight our way out of situations! Having the best gear is never a priority, but we do occasionally plan to run Warzone groups and team up in Starfighter! We also have experience in Open World PvP conflicts and plan to mix RP in them! We are not opposed to running PvP sub-groups (Elite Forces) within Branches. (NOTE: This is always prior to RP. RP is always the primary focus of the guild. Everything is after)

Galactic Conquest Community

We here at Novus Dominion along with our friends, allies, and enemies have built a unique player-ran, story driven community known as GALACTIC CONQUEST. This community is founded by Novus Dominion and several other well known RP guilds. This community has one mission: Bring together the greater RP community in cross-faction events and campaigns with lore supported activity through a fair and competitive combative system shared and planned cross-faction.

From the Mandalorian Warband Crisis, to the Battle of Salaica new campaigns and stories cross-faction and across multiple factions away alongside the main SWTOR story with fellow guilds and players! Adding an entire outward story that augments the guild story!

We have a fully functioning Discord which is not mandatory, but HIGHLY encouraged! You're missing out on Discord RP, communication tools, and the ability to join Naval Combat, and Cross-Faction RP rolls if you ARE NOT in Discord!


Recruitment is done in several parts: Application, In-Game Interview, Acceptance, and Character Sheets. The first step to joining the guild either from online or in game is to go to our website: and fill out an application by clicking the Recruitment tab. Once applied, you will be spoken to by an officer, admin, or recruiter who will specify if your application is denied, or accepted. Once accepted, you must meet the officer in game for an interview. The interview is completely IC and is mainly to RP you into the guild. We are a Heavy RP guild before anything, so prepare to show us what you can do. Once you are in the guild, you will be brought into the guild in game, and your application will be approved.

Join the Novus Dominion today, bring the Sith Empire back to domination of the galaxy, bring honor and glory to the Dominion as we rise once more!
Riji Shadows-Darth Harbinger- Overlord of Novus Dominion

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05.19.2018 , 10:13 PM | #2
Greetings Star Forge RP Community!

What a week it's been! The Dominion is happy and proud to be back here on the server after our long long time away. As you may all know, Shadow Dominion (and by extension Sovereign Dominion) were our pride and joy. The dream me and my friends of the council shared was eternal and even when RL hit us, we had generations of leaders continue that dream. Now, the original team is back and we couldn't be happier doing what we love and that's bringing back amazing content and story! We're completely excited to see where SWTOR is going with its main story, and we're even more excited to see old veterans and friends rejoining the game the same time we are. In the last week 3 old Dominion members have returned to us! And over 8 new friends and loads of applicants!

The Dominion plans to focus heavily indoors right now as we gather membership and get back on track game wise. However, we hope to spread our RP fun with the ENTIRE COMMUNITY very soon! If you're a guild Imperial or Republic that ever wants to make some RP with us, or you're just a loner who wants to poke at the Dominion. Feel free to drop a message in our Embassy which should be open to the public! We are seeking allies and enemies a like for RP purposes!

We are HEAVILY seeking Imperial Military RPiers for our Black Ops unit, and Shadow Guard members! If you're interested to learn more, please feel free to look through our website or drop any of our council a question! OFFICER POSITIONS ARE AVAILABLE TO WORK TOWARD! We will need help building the future of the Dominion. We can't guarantee an officer post, but if you join and stick around, they're plenty available!

Now here's what we did today with our first main story RP event! Which will happen every weekend (or every other weekend depending on timing and availability!)

Chapter 1: Commandant's Resurrection

The Novus Dominion has been born! Risen from the ashes of the old order, the Dominion has taken the world of Thila as its own, laying claim to its resources and strategic positioning in the Seat of the Empire. Minimal construction has begun on the new Enclave as the Overlord and Dominion Council made preparations on rebuilding its lost Armies and Fleet. However, before things could properly begin, the Dominion needed to locate a lost leader. Darth Jerrico; Commandant of Dominion Intelligence had been discovered to possibly be alive after many years. Thought dead due to his flagship being destroyed in the Outer Rim, all that remained of the Sith was his cybernetic arm which his brother kept through the years of exile during the fall of the last Dominion. Finding his corpse on Hoth, whispers spoke of the Darth being not quite alive, but not yet dead. Stuck between the living and dead, he was trapped forever blocked from embracing himself in the living force. A plan was made to bring him back, but with the help of Sith Alchemy and Voss Mystics.

The Dominion gathered a strike team to move to Voss, recently struck by the Eternal Empire in recent months, the mission was to secretly insert themselves onto the world and head for the Nightmare Lands were the dark side was strongest. There, the strike team led by the Overlord himself could find an old shrine able to focus the energies from the Eternal Empire's bombardment and the Nightmare Lands itself to draw upon the force to utilize Sith Alchemy at its fullest. The ritual was dangerous, causing the deaths of the entire Imperial squad who accompanied the strike team.

Arriving at the Lake of the Unseen, the Strike Team was able to locate the shrine after defeating Gormak and beasts, avoiding a camp of doomed Voss. Thanks to Darth Cruxx; Warmaster of the Dominion, the Voss Mystics at the shrine were fooled into allowing the Dominion to use the shrine for their purposes unopposed. The Sith Alchemy used involved using Cruxx; Jerrico's brother, as a conduit while sacrificing the weaker Imperials to allow a bridge to be open to the spirit world. Cruxx's bond with Jerrico would allow his soul to be found and brought into his corpse that was brought to Voss with the Strike Team.

The brother reunited in the spirit world, able to break the chains that kept Jerrico's soul in limbo, he was revived in the material plain within his body. The Dominion was successful, preparing to retreat back to their ship before the Voss or Gormak returned. Before they could, a large abomination, a Dread Vorantikus, corrupted by the dark side of the Nightmare Lands emerged, attempting to slaughter the Strike Team. Upon its defeat, the Dominion forces returned to their world safe and secure, knowing their Commandant was back in the realm of the living, and the Overlord's plans able to move forward....

Join us in Novus Dominion, bring honor and glory to the Empire!
Riji Shadows-Darth Harbinger- Overlord of Novus Dominion

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05.26.2018 , 09:11 PM | #3
Greetings Star Forge community!

Novus Dominion is now in our 2nd week and a great deal has been accomplished! Recruitment is up, and allies have been made (or returned)! Volition returns as one of our closest allies, and new guilds like Paragon Covenant are added with agreements made in RP that add to our asset system! Working toward building a more united Empire, Novus Dominion works tirelessly to build up our forces for the coming warfare that is surely to break out against the Republic!

This has been a week of external RP, where we as a guild gathered Intelligence on various players, guilds, and organizations throughout the server. Espionage is a large tool for the Dominion, so if you see Novus Dominion personnel sneaking around, PLEASE, RP with us! We're probably not there for your own good!

[warning]We are currently on the look out for Republic entities; Personnel, Guilds, and more who wish to be in future conflict with us! We are always looking for adversaries! We are also open to alliances and partnerships with any Imperial/Neutral forces![/warning]

Novus Dominion recruitment has been going well, right now we are in HIGH DEMAND of Imperial Military personnel! We need soldiers! If you are looking for a story themed guild with community involvement and character progression please join us!

We are also in deep need of Shadow Guard, who above all are our guilds vanguard for internal guild affairs, protecting the council, and more. We will be heavily fleshing out the guard here soon with additional lore based on my Sith clan (family) and preparing the trials for them.

The guild is off to an amazing start and we need more like minded individuals to help us make it a reality!

Glory to the Dominion, Glory to the Empire!
Riji Shadows-Darth Harbinger- Overlord of Novus Dominion

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06.05.2018 , 09:29 PM | #4
Good day Star Forge RP Community!

Novus Dominion is quickly approaching our first full month as a unified returned guild! We've made great progress and began to promote our first line of officers! We have begun external guild missions that promote community RP. We are literally on the look for other guilds, groups, and individuals to RP with! Have you seen Imperial soldiers marching around brandishing the Dominion's power? Or perhaps you've been stalked by one of our agents? We are rapidly becoming a force in the galaxy and we have no plans of stopping!

Recruitment has been going extremely well except for one of our branches! Shadow Guard are in HIGH DEMAND! Shadow Guard the Dominion's response to the Knights of Zakuul and other elite/honor guard forces. A member of the Shadow Guard is a Sith who forsakes their traditional training, or an Imperial who is over zealous, for something much more. You swear pure loyalty to the Dominion council and are almost fanatical about ensuring our power is dominant in the galaxy. Embark on a unique playstyle unlike the traditional Sith, Soldier, or Agent character archetypes.

All branches are also still accepting applications! (Especially Military. Can't ever have enough troops for the war!)

Now, take a look at the latest chapter in the Dominion story!

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________

Chapter 2: Piracy in the Enclave

Novus Dominion expands! Recently announcing their annexation of the Thila system, their iron grip through the help of their allies forms an iron curtain around the world. However, the worlds untapped resources have become a beacon for smugglers and criminal activity seeking a quick easy profit while the Dominion still sets up new security measures. A mysterious group known as the Gordian Devils have struck the heart of the enclave!

Launching a droid diversion at the enclave bridge, the Pirate gang of former Imperials launched their raid on the council chambers stealing an unknown and powerful artifact from the Overlord; the Infinity Orb. The orb's power being continually studied, it has caused havoc years earlier on Ashas Ree and was kept hidden until now. The traitor Sith, Daemun, had successfully escaped with the orb while many Dominion Sith were wounded. Now the Dominion rushes to shore up its defensive holes and seek the Pirates that dare steal from right under their nose

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________

Novus Dominion has great plans for the future. From internal guild story, additional character customization in our dice roll system, and expanded external community events SOON. We will be working closely with allies and enemies a like to bring great story telling and quality RP to the server for all to enjoy!

Join the Dominion today! Be apart of our great mission! Glory to the Dominion! Glory to the Empire!
Riji Shadows-Darth Harbinger- Overlord of Novus Dominion

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06.11.2018 , 08:58 PM | #5
A Glorious Day, Star Forge RP Community!

Novus Dominion has begun moves to the future! We have begun to add to our already amazing setup and systems to improve the quality of our RP. Besides adding to our asset system, we will begin building more structure into our lore and in-game abilities to expand externally.

- Dominion Intelligence has begun operations outside of the guild. We could be WATCHING YOU! We are looking to instigate and even confront RPiers! If you're out in the galaxy RPing in public, be sure we're watching!
-Dominion 45th will begin patrols soon! Military movements across Imperial space, we will be posting in RP beacons here on the forums, and in discord when our troops are on the move!
-Sith Trips to Korriban, Dromund Kaas, and Ziost. Want to see how the Dominion teaches our Sith? Perhaps you'll run into a field trip outside our Academy as we train Sith on several key Imperial worlds.

The Shadow Guard has gotten a good base membership since our last recruitment push! We welcome any and all who continue to wish to join us! More and more, we will be needing new members as we approach the coming days!

We are in great need of additional MILITARY RPiers! Are you an Imperial soldier, but no idea where your talents could best be suited? Join the Imperial 45th Expeditionary Force, and fight for the Dominion! Contact Darth Cruxx or Lieutenant Sev'ente'loro for more information!

WAR IS ON THE HORIZON!!! The Novus Dominion is working with Imperial AND Republic guilds to prepare for a larger conflict! New events will be coming around that may include the greater community invite. Stay tuned!

We are also working on an Imperial community event, details are in the works and will be coming soon!

The Dominion is always looking for more help, and future officers! Join us today, and build the future of the Empire!
Riji Shadows-Darth Harbinger- Overlord of Novus Dominion

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06.20.2018 , 01:35 PM | #6
May the force be with you Star Forge RP Community!

Novus Dominion continues to rise! Recently completing our FIRST GUILD STORY ARC, we are now beginning more external Role Play with our allies and soon... Our enemies...

Just recently, Novus Dominion met in public with our strongest ally; Paragon Covenant.. The Covenant and Dominion share many goals and outlooks on the Empire, Darth Tarasirs and Darth Harbinger have been friends since days long passed. Now as the Dominion continues to build strength, we look to allies such as them to continue building unity and solidarity within the Empire.

We have come a long way in a short time as continue to expand. Each Branch has devleoped a core cadre of active RPiers that have brought Novus Dominion together. I'd like to take a moment to thank each of them for their continued dedication, experience, and character development that has brought the Dominion to this point where we now begin the next phases of our development.

We are now moving to bring external Community Level RP to the server. We are promoting other guilds, factions, and players who wish to bolster RP throughout Star Forge from our own in the Empire to even our rivals in the Republic. We all succeed when great stories and development is made on all sides; and Novus Dominion is here to help promote you!

We have begun to work with amazing story tellers to bring the server something truly special in the thrill of warfare. In the coming weeks, I hope everyone begins to take notice of the amazing groups who constantly work to bring alive this galaxy we live in and the continued interactive nature of the story we as players tell alongside the SWTOR narrative.

Meanwhile, here's a look at what Novus Dominion just recently did in the conclusion of our Story Arc I: The Dominion Returns!
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
Chapter 3: Raiding the Raiders

Weeks pass as Dominion Intelligence attempt to track down the Gordian Devils and their traitor Sith leader turned Pirate Lord; Daemun. Patrols constantly monitoring the surrounding sectors have finally caught up with the scum as a Terminus-class Destroyer brings down the Pirate flagship over the world of Yavin IV.

Descending upon the world, a team led by Lieutenant Sev'ente'loro and Sergeant Jibbo of the Dominion 45th Expeditionary made up primarily of Shadow Guard race to find the stolen Infinity Orb; an ancient relic of great important to the Overlord. Upon reaching the planet surface, Massassi savages were first dispatched while the team took considerable damage. Surviving the ordeal, they pressed onward engaging M3-B model Battledroids of Mechanist Industry design. The droids appeared too much for the team narrowing them into a funnel point where a firefight broke out.

The droids were assisted by a rocket launcher impeding approach, but the Dominion had air superiority as a lone fighter pilot rushed in for close air support breaking the droid lines and allowing the assault to continue. Moving deeper into the dark jungle, the droid force was finally defeated when the Dominion reached a small clearing in the jungle. Dark energy could be felt as the air thinned, and a chill covered the environment. Pirate Lord Daemun in his foolishness attempted to tap into the secrets of the Infinity Orb, causing it to go out of control and kill all of his remaining crew members.

Unleashing a new wave of droids, and then joining the fight himself. The Dominion Team seemed without hope as many in the group began to fall to the superior unnatural power of Daemun augmented by the Orb. It wasn't until brave heroes from the Shadow Guard like Lyshenks and Sith like Se'hura who valiantly sacrificed their well being to make vital blows to the Pirate Lord did their air support gain enough time to bring the final blow in a hellfire of laser cannon blasts. Terribly wounded, Daemun was overwhelmed by a new force of Shadow Guard; the Overlord's Chosen, led by Templar Vinrum Shadows, the Overlord's nephew. The Overlord's Chosen were able to calm the Infinity Orb, removing the augmentations of the now maddened Daemun allowing him to be defeated. Now fully submitting to Dominion power, the team chose for Daemun to be executed for his crimes against the Empire and Dominion. The Pirate Lord's short reign, had come to an end. Now the Infinity Orb returns to the Enclave to be secured in Harbinger's vault, as the next phase of the Dominion's plans can begin as they march toward advancing their goals against the greater galaxy.......
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

This is just one small campaign of many stories within the Dominion!

We are constantly looking for players to be included in our guild! We are in great need of MILITARY RPiers for our Imperial unit; The 45th Expeditionary Force! Look to our website for more information! All branches are always recruiting!

This Saturday we celebrate the activity and dedication of many of our members with a promotion ceremony, as we move away from the month of June into July to begin our greater war that we have envisioned with others!

Glory to the Dominion! Long live the Empire!!!
Riji Shadows-Darth Harbinger- Overlord of Novus Dominion

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07.05.2018 , 09:15 PM | #7
Greetings wonderful Star Forge RP community!

Another great month passes as the Dominion continues to press forward! We are proud and happy to announce many of our members have recently undergone promotions, and a series of new opportunities have befallen us as a guild!

Novus Dominion has attended the recent Imperial Accord Military Ball! We met many great guilds and hope to continue to nurture relationships with all our fellow Imperials!

SATURDAY begins our second Story Arc: Invasion of Aeten II, we created an intro video below that begins the invasion as the first chapter kicks off us storming the orbital defense station!
NOTE: If you have been RPing Aeten II as NOT under attack... We apologize, we are doing this in coordination with several guilds!


The War for Aeten II is in conjunction with a series of galactic events including the Mandalorian Warband led by Craden Burka'da and other offensives that have yet to become public knowledge. Soon, we will be opening the war up to the community! Allies are welcome to partake in our chapter based events the next few weekends!

Dominion Intelligence and the Dominion 45th Military are currently seeking able bodies for the war effort! We need agents, and soldiers to fill our ranks as the war on the ground draws near, along with the war that will spread across the galaxy!

Have you wanted to serve in a detailed and very proactive Intelligence agency that's more than just talk? Spy on pub guilds? Spy on individuals? Stakeout cantinas and gather valuable data on high value targets? The Dominion Intelligence Agency may be for you!

WE NEED SOLDIERS! WE NEED PILOTS! The Dominion Military needs you for the war! We can't take a world alone, we need troops on the ground and elsewhere across our sphere of influence! JOIN US, and together we will prove Imperial might across the galaxy!

Riji Shadows-Darth Harbinger- Overlord of Novus Dominion

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07.17.2018 , 10:35 PM | #8

Novus Dominion is ever expanding! We are happy to announce we have promoted our members and we now have a full staff of officers and leaders to help make the day to day in the Dominion more enjoyable! New staff means more oppertunities to enjoy, as we focus on our mission system and Dice Rolling system in place to build more comprehensive RP plot and activity.

We are also happy to announced TWO NEW SUB BRANCHES! Sub Branches do not have representation on the Dominion Council, however, hold enough RP potential that they have warranted the recruitment and attention needed. Introducing:

Contractors: Bounty Hunting solo not earning you reputation or credits? Maybe you're just a Merc for hire and need to throw your skills behind a force worth fighting for? We are looking for YOU the freelancers of the galaxy to join us. Work with Dominion Intelligence to gather intel for us, spy for us, player and NPC bounties, and plenty of credits to be made. (IC only unless specified!) We plan to use the Star Forge RP Bounty system alongside our own internal Bounty system. Augment our Military Forces, and help us win the war!

Slaves: Slavery is a long tradition of the Sith Empire, and has been in place in the Dominion for months, yet now we are looking for that faithful lower caste that fills the intriguing role in Imperial society. Serve the guild as a House Slave, Auxiliary, or Entertainer. Ease social tension, represent the Dominion's wealth and power, or be the labor and muscle we need to combat our enemies in a penal legion or honor yourself in gladiatorial combat! Slaves are welcome in the Dominion!

We are halfway done with July, meaning we are on the downward spiral toward the end of summer! However, with the new additions to SWTOR coming to the end of the month, we're seeing a vast new revival of public attention to the game that we here in Novus Dominion are happy to see! We've been sure to ride this great momentum in the community by beginning our second Story Arc and joining others in the community by fleshing out stories across multiple factions! Here is Novus Dominion's contribution through the invasion of Aeten II! Two weekends worth of RP!

Chapter 1: The Invasion of Aeten II

The war has begun! Dominion forces converge on the low defended world of Aeten II in a blitz attack that has caught the Rift Alliance and Republic off guard! In coordination with the Ministry of War, the attack was extremely successful as a combined fleet of Dominion and Volition ships took orbit within an hour. The only major obstacle being the lone battlestation in orbit which managed to destroy one of our Harrower-class Dreadnaugts 'Adder'. The loss of the ship and crew did not effect ongoing operations, but severely hurt the defensive power of the Dominion.

The station was first invaded by 4 teams of Dominion forces at multiple points. The team headed for the command station was intercepted initially by 4 defenders, an officer and 3 guards. The team took a bit of flak from these four, but ultimately left mostly unscathed. They then headed for a computer room after seeing a branching path, which gave them a plethora of advantages. For one, they were able to bypass an enemy patrol that was preparing for them to breach one of the doors they had the choice to go through, then they were able to divert forces away from one of the squads taking over the shield systems control room in order to give them a bit of assistance and were able to distract guards on their own path as well, leaving a squadron commander by himself. After quickly dispatching him, the station’s commander was their final obstacle. He was a Veteran of the Republic military for 30 years, and was able to give the dominion forces a tough fight. After he had taken out Private Cortark, Lyshenks of the Shadow Guard, and the Sith Citra, a few members of the squadron were able to knock him off of a balcony, severely throwing off his fighting abilities. During the fight, Arkis’sias was knocked down due to his own error down to the ground near the commander, and Randavo and Se’hura both leaped to the commander to bring the fight to him. After a few hits back and forth, a combined effort from the Dominion forces on the catwalk and the ground in front of the commander was enough to finally bring the commander to his knees, set by Arkis’sias stabbing him through the back, but not before the commander gave one final shot, dealing massive damage to the Sith Randavo.

In the end, the Republic Battlestation was captured by Dominion forces, as the Fleet surrounds the planet and moves to secure the system. The Ground campaign will begin next.

Chapter 2: Resistance on Aeten II

The ground campaign for Aeten II... Never before has the full might of the Dominion come upon such a low defended world. The entire planet was taken within 48 hours as two continents worth of territory was attacked. One holding the settlements and locations of the planetary government, the other housing the grand majority of Aeten II's mines and facilities to extract the precious crystals that made the world so valued. A mass bombardment of the settlements brought a majority of the resistance to its knees before any real fighting even began.

The coordinated assault involved over 3 combat divisions and aerial support by the Ninth Bombard Fleet. The Dominion's finest hit the ground hard slaughtering irregular forces of armed mining workers who formed their own defensive militia. Retrofitting mining droids for combat purposes, they held their ground until the last fell.

Surprisingly, a Republic All Terrain Anti Vehicle (AT-AV) walker was used as a heavy bulwark to try to slow down the offensive. Injuring many of the Dominion force, the walker proved to be the hardest challenge. However, thanks to the superior might of the Sith and Military in attendance, the walker was destroyed allowing for entry into the main mining facility.

The majority of civilians surrendered, as militia became overwhelmed. Darth Nightbane allowed civilian families to evacuate, only to go back on his word by killing them in orbit through the naval blockade. He then allowed the remainder of the militia to give up their arms and return to their homes... Only to meet them outside the facility by death squads.... In all, over 500 unarmed militia and civilians were murdered.

The remainder of the populace was put in the chains of slavery, forced to return to work the mines alongside now Imperial droids. The only true prisoner being a mysterious Jedi Padawan who aided in the defense. She went willingly and is now being transported to the orbital station above...


Novus Dominion is constantly looking for members to fill our ranks and assist in the war! Future Leaders, and Officers are also always on the watch! As we continue to grow, know that the Dominion is here with the communities interests in mind and we look forward to the coming months as SWTOR begins a new chapter!

Riji Shadows-Darth Harbinger- Overlord of Novus Dominion

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07.30.2018 , 09:22 PM | #9
Greetings Star Forge RP Community!

Novus Dominion continues to grow, and there are a few things we'd like to share with you! Lately, we've promoted a new roster of Leaders and Officers completely fleshing out the chain of command for all branches. That means besides the Council there is always someone around to help get RP started! We've begun reaching over 10 members a day logging in or more! This is huge achievement for us, making for great opportunities for internal RP.

We'd like to announce The Shadow Guard Branch has CLOSED RECRUITMENT at this time we feel we have more than enough guardsmen filling the role of council protectors and executioners. It will again opens its doors once the current membership is properly fleshed out, but for now, our efforts are focused on other branches.

The Sith Branch and Intelligence Branch are recruiting the most with room for leadership and opportunities for RPiers looking to grow. Military is also continuing recruitment, but not as much as the above. Fire Teams are still forming and events week to week are coming out!

SLAVES AND CONTRACTORS are always welcome as well! We are working on Naval mechanics to open a Naval sub-branch to Military. More TBA.

Novus Dominion is looking for many others to fill our ranks and more RP to associate! Drop a line on our forum embassy or contact us here through enjin!

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08.21.2018 , 05:43 PM | #10
Greetings great Star Forge community!

Novus Dominion here, and we're happy to continue working forward to exciting new possibilities in our RP! First we'd like to announce a string of new happenings in the guild:

We've moved! Yes, Novus Dominion now sports a brand new enclave! A fully unlocked Rishi SH to replace our Yavin IV SH! The in-character reasoning for this is that the old Yavin site is to be converted into the Overlord's private estate, while the new site is a beachfront property to be converted into both the new Dominion Sith Academy, and Thila colony. The planet is still very much Thila!

More Unlocked Guild Ship!: Thanks to the hard work of many individuals, our guild ship is near completion and fully unlocked! We are getting closer every week now. As we continue to expand the ship, we are working on a new NAVAL SUB-BRANCH for our Military forces. If you're a pilot, crewman, or imperial naval RPier who has been seeking an engaging experience. Stay tuned! Between our flagship and new Rishi carrier, there is plenty of room for crew!

New Colosseum Events! The re-openning of the age old Dominion tradition! Since the old days of the Shadow Dominion guild, we have sponsored gladitorial events for sport and honor! Now with Rishi providing an actual arena, we will be holding these events in many different styles! We seek Gladiatorial Slaves who's entire purpose is to endorse this sport while also providing an auxiliary to our main military forces!

The Dominion is continuing our story arc as we prepare for our next phase after Aeten II. Large plans are in the works with our allies as we also provide idle community level RP out in the public! Join the Dominion today, and become apart of these grand adventures!

Below is a picture from our most recent event: Operation Whiteout! Joining the Dominion's Intel and Military forces was our allied guild: Third Imperial Assault Fleet!

Riji Shadows-Darth Harbinger- Overlord of Novus Dominion