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The Humanity in the Outlander (LS)

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The Humanity in the Outlander (LS)

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02.09.2018 , 06:49 AM | #1
Hello all, SPOILERS!

When I say humanity, of course its not referring to just the human race. Im reffering to the overall aspect of the mind, how is copes with everything is sees. So it goes for all sentient beings tbh.

As we wait for 6.0, I was going to mention something that I'd like to see implemented in the story for our Outlander.

It's been a long time since we first walked into that first cutscene Bioware...the moment is nostalgic and uplifting. The tone of the galaxy (depending on your class ofc) is lighter than how it eventually turns out. Overall, thats my point.

How far is the Outlander willing to go mentally? Physically?

I know this is all relative to how you play your toon, but nothing can deny the fact that any of our characters have been in this fight for so long.

My example is the Jedi Knight.

First we started on Tython, from there we started our legend and saved Tython. We have fought off countless Sith, corrupt Jedi, etc. The Hero of Tython faced the Emperor more than anyone, he/she witnessed the genocide on that agriculture planet (forgot the name) in ACT I, they were twisted to the dark side, tortured, betrayed, and then redeemed. In the end, along with all of our companions, we thought we stood victorious with the Emperor defeated.

And then...

Makeb. Oricon. Revan.

I could see the Outlander at this point seeing hope in the galaxy, the Empire and Republic working together on a common goal. The preservation of the galaxy. Even if they witnessed horrible things. Because...dont fool yourself, even though there is gore or blood in this game, it does have dark tones to it. War, racial discrimination (Evocii), genocide, and romance. You have to ask yourself, how are my toons doing emotionally? mentally?

And then....The Eternal Empire happens.

We lose the ones we love most, or have been with this entire time. Eventually we reunite with them, but after going through what our characters did in the Eternal story, still with the weight of the galaxy on their shoulders....and there is no sign of it letting up.

Im starting to get the feeling that the story of the Outlander will be a tragedy just like Revan's. In terms of it not being a happy ending. It seems at this point, no matter how hard we try...the galaxy just cannot break the cycle of war. We are "betrayed" by Theron, our closest advisor. The galaxy is on the brink of war once again. Resources are running thin and desperation is now present on a wide-scale.

How far can this person go before they have had enough? I would like to see a line of just pure humanity coming from our toons, when talking with Lana or something. We stop in a hallway about to leave to see what Theron is really up to and then...theres this emotional moment.

"Lana....I don't know how much more I can take. Every time I try, I lose something close to me."

Could there be a possibility that the long struggle, the weariness of both war and loss could have some effect on our toon? What if our toons broke down in front of Lana, and she brought us back up. Lana has been there ever since Revanites, she has never showed any signs of distrust. And now...she does the one thing that really "truly" saves us. She comforts us.

Sorry if I ranted on this post,but I was going to see if this is an aspect you would like the see in some FORM or fashion in future dialogue.

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02.09.2018 , 08:01 AM | #2
I have a couple of chars who want to do the Cartman:

"Screw you, guys, I'm going home."

All this betrayal and scheming going on cannot be healthy.
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02.09.2018 , 08:48 AM | #3
One of the reasons I love the "outlander" story is that if forces all Characters to look beyond their own backyards and politics to the Galaxy as a whole. Something I have always felt the Jedi should be obligated to do, not just be at the beck and call of one political entity.

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02.09.2018 , 11:44 AM | #4
Depends on the class. I could totally see the Jedi knight snap when Kira returns and say, "screw it, gonna take my girl and have a lot of little forcelings. In ya face Jedi council!!!"

But my Sith inquisitor? It was all about power from the beginning. Started as a slave, now the leader of the most powerfull force in the galaxy and empress of Zakuul. Not bad, not bad at all in the end. If anything i see her getting realy pissed about the republics continous "those troops trying to f**k you up? Not ours, realy...". Same goes for the Chiss. "You killed one of us, you murderous beast...oh, and thank you btw but...murderer! Tyrant!". I wait for the moment when she finaly had enough and decides to conquer the galaxy once and for all

The Sith warrior? A character born and trained to kill, episodes of peace most likely bore him/her to death. Agent? Propably admires Theron for the coup he pulled. The bounty hunter? It's all about riches and now the former hunter is rich AF!!!
The republic characters might be troubled because they are peace loving weaklings and treehuggers after all

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02.09.2018 , 03:17 PM | #5
Yeah. My consular is so done, but not all of the classes would feel that way. But my character wouldn't look to Lana for comfort, though.
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02.09.2018 , 06:03 PM | #6
my main character is going through hell still, even though it is never shown in-game that specifically. Does not turn to any companion/friend for support though, she is definitely the kind to shut everyone and everything out when going through these harder times and try not to show it as she's the head of a powerful galactic faction now, she cant risk that weakness getting out but behind closed doors is tough.
Always a Theron fan!
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02.14.2018 , 08:09 AM | #7
No, thank you. Your LS Jedi may begin to think it's all pointless. but as far as my LS Sith concerned, things are slowly going back his way again. Got the alliance with his beloved Empire, got control over Eternal fleet and Zakuul, killed a major Republic commander.
Now to crash those fanatics from the Order and deal with Theron once and for all, and then he can start thinking about bringing Repiblic to it knees... Achieving Galactic peace and getting factions working together? Sure, right after conquering everyone, but not before.
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02.14.2018 , 09:03 AM | #8
All my Characters are Super Shiny LS'ers and they will never stop working for the good of the entire galaxy. Republic doesn't= good empire doesn't= bad. However, the Sith as an Order does, and that is what they fight, even my Dark Jedi AKA my SW.