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Scyva SM Guide

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01.25.2018 , 01:34 PM | #1
This is a guide for Scyva, the fourth boss of the Valley of the Machine Gods/{[WEEKLY] Gods from the Machine} Operation. Listed below is the Mechanics for Scyva.

Group Configuration: 1 Tank, 5 DPS (One that can queue as tank if this is GF), 2 Heals.
Enrage Timer: 11 Minutes
Omega Protocol Droid Health: 3,308,926
Railgun Health: 2,927,730
Ignition Catalyst Health: 275,460
Scyva Health: 4,963,443
Drops: Refined Isotope Stabilizer, Dark Matter Catalyst, Iokath MK-15 Unassembled Offhand Weapon, SCYVA Control Module, and Droid of Sorrows (Deco)

In the Middle of the Arena, there is an Omega Protocol Droid, this is the first phase of the Boss Fight. As long as this droid lives, Phase 1 is still active. There is a shield around the Omega Protocol Droid, you must stay inside of it to Damage it, or it gets reflected back to You. Sterilization Array Modules should be targeted at the OPD. They deal damage to the OPD. Furthermore the OPD will deflect the Array Beams towards the Shield Generators in the back left and right corners. There are two casts that need interrupting. "Explosive Force" and "Accelerated Destruction" *Accelerated Destruction is PRIORITY INTERRUPT* There are adds, "Stasis Swarm Droids" that spawn, DPS must kill them, but 1 DPS and the Tank MUST stay on the Droid to interrupt it. There are beams that shoot as a Line of Sight towards the players on the boss, they don't seem to do much Damage on Story Mode, but it's still okay to Avoid them. You also get a Debuff, it's a pink Downward Arrow, this increases your damage taken. Once the Droid dies, on to Phase 2.

Once the OPD Dies, there are two Railguns in the back. Split DPS, 3 DPS on one, 2 DPS on the other. During the Burn, an Add will spawn, "Ignition Catalyst", DPS must switch and kill it fast. All DPS Can switch and down it, but one DPS can stay on the Railgun and still manage to down the Catalyst.The Ignition Catalysts don't deal much damage upon explosion so they could be ignored, but if healers aren't too strong, it's advisable to kill them. However, while the Catalysts are spawning the Purge Beam Emitters on the left and right side of the room will shoot the Emergency Purge Core in the center of the room. Every time this happens 1 stack of Anomalous Entropy (Blue) or Unstable Acceleration (Red) is applied to the players. Anomalous Entropy increases maximum health, casting time, global cooldown, healing and damage. You get this stack by standing on the left side of the room when the Purge Beam Emitter hits the Emergency Purge. Unstable Acceleration reduces cast time, global cooldown, healing received and absorb chance. You get this stack by standing on the right side of the room when the Purge Beam Emitter hits the Emergency Purge. You probably want a mix of 3 blue and 4 reds, although it doesn't really matter, but it greatly helps in speeding up the killing of the Railguns and Scyva in the next phase. The buffs get refreshed every time they are applied. If you gain one blue and one red stack as 6th and 7th buff they will last longer. around 40% if your burn is good, you'll see a notification, "Environmental Defenses Offline. Preparing Scyva Protocol." This Notification brings the boss down and grants you a new Ability. Tank will go immediatly and Tank Scyva. (I will explain Scyva's Cast in Phase 3, which is when the Railguns die). After the Railguns are dead, Switch to Scyva which initiates Phase 3.

Now that everyone is on Scyva, there is a blue ring around the circle Scyva is in, STAY INSIDE OF IT (Unless you are still on the Railgun burn).The Gravity Inverse module you received at the end of Phase 3 is used to mitigate the damage of Atomic Scattering. This is done by using it with 1 sec left on the channel of Atomic Scattering while standing on the left side of the room, as this part of the room has lower gravity. It's advisable to stand on the right side of the room for Upheaval as this side has higher gravity, which means you won't get launched in the air. It will still interrupt any cast or channel though, but only causes minor downtime compared to standing on the left side.
The floating orbs turn red after Scyva hit them with Radiance. Blue orbs don't deal damage. During Radiance Scyva is also immune to taunts.
Try to avoid interfering with Deconstruct as DPS or Healer. With every stack of it you generate more threat. Now, there are Orbs around Scyva, Red and Blue, the Orbs do change colors, so be mindful of this. Blue Orbs are SAFE, Red are NOT. Be mindful of where you're standing, the floor changes colors, if you see Purple on the Floor, get off of it. It will damage you significantly. Now, there are abilities she casts, 5 to be exact. "Deconstruct", which is a Single Target Beam. "Upheaval", which launches the Raid Members a few meters into the air. "Radiance", which is a LARGE Line of Sight Attack that follows whoever was targeted with it, which should be the tank. No one but the Tank should be in Radiance. "Atomic Scattering", which is an attack that does Moderate to Massive damage, Raid Members will want to stack under boss for this, but be careful not to stand in the Red orb(s). Finally, "Ignite Core". This is a 10 Second cast that can possibly occur 4 times (It has happened to me.) Everyone will want to stack here for AoE heals to survive it. All of this repeats until Scyva hits 30% HP, this initiates Phase 4.

"Extinction Protocol" initiates almost immediatly as she hits 30% HP. Scyva will say "I will Avenge my God Children!", this is your Warning to RUN. Extinction Protocol are red Circles that follow each player and ARE one shots. After Extinction Protocol ends, Stack under Scyva for AoE Heals and Burn the Boss. Extinction Protocol Repeats, and you will NOT be warned by another "I will Avenge my God Children!", so you will have to watch her Castbar to know when to run. This phase repeats until Scyva is dead. Pretty much as explained. Don't get hit by red circles during Extinction Protocol. Use Gravity Inverse to avoid Atomic Scattering (while on the left side of the room). Atomic Scattering's cooldown is greatly reduced in this phase (15 sec, down from 50 sec), so is the channel time (2 sec, down from 5 sec). Stand on right side for Upheaval. Avoid interfering with Destroy. Same as Deconstruct, with any stack of it you generate more threat. Scyva is also immune to taunts during Destroy.
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01.27.2018 , 03:13 AM | #2
Extinction protocol is at exactly 29%, but no cast bar is shown for it the first time. It's 5 second cast and 30 second cd after that - 35 seconds in total.

Extinction protocol will as far as I know not hit people who are close enough to the boss. (Melee range, maybe? Inside the orbs is surely safe.) If you are the only one in the group outside the safe range you will have a very, very bad day.

What happens if noone is outside the safe range at 29%? I have no idea, as I haven't seen this happen. If anyone has a video of that it would be nice to see.

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02.04.2018 , 01:20 AM | #3
Can confirm. Errrybody stack under her at circa 31% and burn the poo outta her. makes it significantly easier.