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Starting class story with max level

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Starting class story with max level

MidhunRaj's Avatar

01.21.2018 , 11:34 PM | #1
ok, this maybe a little bit weird question.. Can i skip entire class story and level up on my own, then come back with max level and good gear and start class story?
(i know there is no good reason to do that, it is just for my weird head canon thing)

JediKnightGeorge's Avatar

01.21.2018 , 11:50 PM | #2
I'm not sure if you can feasibly skip the entire thing. If I don't want to play the class story, I usually get through my starter planet and Coruscant/Kaas depending on faction. That way I have my ship can travel more easily. From there do whatever you like! You can do Warzones, Flashpoints or whatever. Then when/if you're ready, you can pick up your class story again. Just make sure you don't start Knights of the Eternal Throne or Knight of the Fallen Empire as that will skip the class story you can't go back.

Hope this helps
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merovejec's Avatar

01.22.2018 , 02:23 AM | #3
Not sure if you know about it but there is the Masters Datracron which makes you level 70 instantly without proggresing the story. It is a costly item, but will save you the time of leveling, which isnt that long as a sub subscriber, but still takes time.
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Vercundus's Avatar

01.22.2018 , 03:41 AM | #4
It is boring in my opinion. CXP gains from those missions are low compared to XP gains. If you have to reach max level and you want to play story, I suggest do just that. Don't power level with heroics and fps, for the sake of rushing to the end line. Enjoy the best parts of the game in the way they should be enjoyed.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

01.22.2018 , 03:44 AM | #5
Without the Master's Datacron, you can do it, although you will have to do a very small amount of the beginning of the class story in some cases, but if you really want to do it all at max level, the MD is the way to go, if you can spare the Cartel Coins.
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hof_th's Avatar

01.22.2018 , 05:52 AM | #6
I have a lvl 70 Gunslinger that still has "The Gambler", the first Story mission on Coruscant in her log so its deffinately possible, the only real downside is that you do not own a ship and can't use things that require you to have a ship until you've finished Coruscant.

MidhunRaj's Avatar

01.25.2018 , 07:04 AM | #7
thanks guys. just one more doubt, how can i travel around without a ship? i have to travel to each planet for doing heroics, right?

PorsaLindahl's Avatar

01.25.2018 , 07:12 AM | #8
I have characters that I leveled up through PvP (level 15+), or during the DvL event that haven't done any class missions since the starter planet. So yeah, it can be done.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

01.25.2018 , 08:28 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by MidhunRaj View Post
thanks guys. just one more doubt, how can i travel around without a ship? i have to travel to each planet for doing heroics, right?
Once you get to level 10, you get the "go to Fleet" emergency pass ability. On the Fleet you can take heroics from the terminal in one part of the fleet. Or you use the Ctrl+G activities panel to select the heroics you want to do.

Then you use the "heroic transport" button by the heroic in the on-screen mission log to move to the location of the mission.

You cannot go to Quesh this way since there are no heroics there.
To go to Belsavis, you must go to Belsavis.
> @"Biff.5312" said:
> Exercise your whimsy.

Rionardo's Avatar

01.26.2018 , 06:41 AM | #10
Technically it's hard if you just start doing other stuff and ignore class story for a while before you hit lvl 10 since you won't have your ship which makes travelling a lot harder. Do class story missions until you get your ship then do whatever you like.
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