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What is your opinion of Galactic Command after the recent changes?

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What is your opinion of Galactic Command after the recent changes?

Jdast's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 09:43 AM | #11
I think the gearing system is in a very good place right now. I would recommend a couple tweaks. First my thoughts on why I like the recent changes.

1) RNG is Significantly Reduced after 5.6

Prior to Nov. 28th, criticisms against the system being too RNG-oriented were completely on the mark. After 5.6, and the advent of disintegrating loot into UCs, this is no longer the case. Interestingly, I expected a torrent of negative criticism post-Nov. 28th about the conversion rates. As it turns out, there was very little. I think they got the conversion rate right.

--What is particularly cool about the system is that now you can play newbie 70 alts and still benefit your main because the currency is universal (and vice-versa). This effectively makes your actual Galactic Command level largely irrelevant. I have a couple alts who just hit 70 and I could easily deck them out now in Ilvl 242 gear. I could also pretty easily deck them out left side with crafting. It really is a boon that crafting schematics are BoL.

--Contrary to what some say, you don't have to PvP to get the new augment mats. I'm swimming in them from crates, and, as expected, they are pretty cheap on the GTN. I don't have an exact number, but I think the drop rate from crates, regardless of GC level, is about 5%-7%.

2. Devaluing Content / Grinding Old Content

I start from the following assumption: BW is probably the slowest of any major MMO-company out there to release content. And, frankly, I would be devastatingly bored if the only Op / Raid to get the best gear from was Gods of the Machines and Iokath dailies for solo play. I very much like mixing up the terrain. If i'm tired of the metallic world of Iokath, I can go to icy worls like Hoth., desert worlds like Tatooine. Even the behemoth, WoW, is recycling old content (Timewalking, updating certain Dungeons, etc.).

Some suggest that this leads to people speedrunning, ignoring certain types of content, and finding the path of least resistance. My response to this is -- welcome to MMO's. This will ALWAYS be the case, and always has been the case in every MMO I've played. As it is, though, Ops are still one of the best ways to get BiS gear so I don't understand the complaint.

Regardless, if you choose to burn yourself out by doing the easy route-- that's on you. For example, this was the first Winter season I've played with level 70s since my return late 2016 after a three year hiatus from this game. I did not throw one 'friggin snowball at anyone or anything, despite reading that it was a very efficient way to grind CXP. Why not? Simple -- I didn't find it interesting (and I grew up in Wisconsin / Minnesota so I had enough snowball throwing in my life. )

As to devaluing high-end content. I couldn't care less if others have BiS. As long as I have the ability to acquire higher level gear, advance my character, and complete progressively higher levels of content, I'm fine. What others wear doesn't impact me. If I don't get BiS, so be it. Kind of indifferent on this one.

3. Things I would improve:

--I agree in the broader sense that the system is unnecessarily complex. One can play with the numbers, but I agree that making it one currency in 6.0 (yes, I think it will happen) is a good idea, which will make it less convoluted.

--An overhaul of CXP rewards across the board. For some reason, they chose to stick with the bugged planet dailies from late last summer. They should do a top to bottom review and reward CXP commensurate with difficulty and time. Newsflash: Ziost Dailies are neither difficult nor time consuming.

--Keep bonuses in place after you reach level GC 300. And reward a "Resolute Commander" title.



Quraswren's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 01:00 PM | #12
It's better than it was at launch but still not something I'd support if we actually had a vote on it.

I'd have much rather seen the 4.0 crystal system adjusted to accomplish something similar where gamers can work on specific gear and not have to deal with the down right terrible RNG system bioware loves.

If galactic command were to go away, I wouldn't shed a tear. That doesn't mean I believe bioware can come up with anything better and it's quite possible they could come up with something worse but at this point. I'd take my chances.
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casirabit's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 01:05 PM | #13
Well I might not be the one to ask, considering the two characters I play the most are at 300 and they are doing fairly well on gear.

My scoundrel healer is mostly 246/248.

My sage is mostly 248 (she need 2-3 more to give her complete 248).

No I don't pvp at all.

I have done some flashpoints but a lot have come from the command boxes from doing dailies. The extras, that I don't need on my mirror character then those are turned into UC and those are normally used for the ones still below 300.
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Bonzenaattori's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 01:05 PM | #14
Still trash
RNG is the worst way to do itemisation and it has never worked.
raising the chances even by mere declaration doesn't change the fact you're still under the mercy of luck
Still trash
You can't upgrade 246 into 248
You can't upgrade 244 into 248
You can only upgrade 242 into 248
You can't acquire 242 from highest tier but they want you to use that to upgrade to 248
Logic much

Still trash...

Damask_Rose's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 01:15 PM | #15
As a predominantly solo story player, Galactic Command pretty much doesn't exist for me. Sure, I can advance if I set out to grind for CXP, but the whole "gear up playing the content you enjoy" doesn't include non-FE/ET story.

kodrac's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 01:27 PM | #16
It's better than it was but I'm still not a fan. I don't like the RNG but it isn't awful. I've had it worse so I'm not as uptight on this version. I actually liked it better before I got UCs for destructing, but that's just me probably because I'll never grind enough to buy anything with UCs and getting a whopping 2 UCs per piece isn't much of an improvement. It's still not alt-friendly at that pace.

I'm even less of a fan of the 300 (so far) extra GC levels. It doesn't progress your character in the least, vertically or horizontally. It's serves no purpose other than to slow you down. It's not even a gear gate. The only requirement on the gear is level 70. If I had a toon with boatloads of tokens (and time) I could fully kit out a fresh 70 alt bypassing the entire system. Pointless. My highest toon never even got fully kitted in Tier 1 gear before moving up the ladder, much less Tier 2, 3 or 4. Completely pointless. It's a time gate, nothing more.
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Stellarcrusade's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 03:23 PM | #17
I will admit, overall the system is better than 5.0 launch. However, it still takes a PhD in obfuscated systems to understand, needlessly complicated. And it still takes WAY WAY WAY too long to gear up as a PvPer.

The whole thing could have been fixed from day one (and still today), by simply getting rid of the new currencies, reducing the pop rate of crates to about 1 per hour and EVERY 5 BOXES you pop a piece of gear of appropriate tiered gear THAT YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE. So you'll pop one on command level 5, 10, 15...etc. Nice easy expectations based gearing. Not fully geared by the end of each tier but that's still WAY better. Those who play an hour a day should get about 6 pieces a month.

Instead we have a horrifically low gear pop rate (last 500 crates I get like 1?), making crates meaningless. Currencies that Einstein couldn't comprehend, dozens of vendors for no reason, and RNG fatigue that koreans wouldn't be able to handle. Albeit its still better than the initial launch of 5.0.

DawnAskham's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 03:30 PM | #18
Dumb system is dumb.

I just returned and while leveling GC is faster now, it sitll seems a lot of easy activities reward more than difficult / time consuming activities, not to mention all I get is junk to shard.

Gear stat inflation is absurd, with terrible players that can't dps themselves out of a wet paper bag wearing 246+ gear for running yolo WZ or farming heroics for the past six months.

Still no guaranteed drops from running the hardest content, other than the last boss token.

Overly complex - RNG boxes that provide 99% junk, coins (goes to currency), items from boxes that shard to unassembled bits (actual items in inventory), parts from ops, parts purchased for unassembled bits, upgrades for old shells plus coins plus unassembled bits.

Crafting is similarly overly complext as well - way too many different 'exotic' materials, from drops in some FPs to OPs to RNG in boxes to dailies on Iokath to PVP boxes to conquest materials - with schematics that come from RE'ing items from set, schematics in various boxes, some on vendors.

ZeroTypeR's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 03:37 PM | #19
With the UC's as a supplement I don't mind it, however, the CXP rates for Vanilla story and Exploration quests needs a buff. Also, the drops for crates is, 9/10, stuff I don't need or want and I also feel, that the UC rate vs the UC needed for gear is still too grindy.

melodylane's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 04:42 PM | #20
This is the opinion of a player who left right after the command system was introduced and recently came back. Like I said I left after they introduced the command system To me it was a step in the wrong direction. I didn't like the idea of grinding command levels just to get my gear, after I Had already ground up to 70. I especially didn't like the rng boxes. I had been playing since the game was released so it was hard for me to leave but I just couldn't get with the new system.

I have recently re subbed after seeing the server merges and changes to the command system and I must say I am still not impressed. I like the merges though as I didn't lose any of my names and it looks like it doubled the pop on my once dying server. However I still don't like the gearing system. I don't understand what you do with the tokens and all the other currencies are confusing me to. I was never a hard core player. I mainly geared up through HM flash points and story mode ops with a bit of crafting in there but now I am utterly confused. I don't understand why they changed it to make it less confusing but it seems way more confusing now. From what I could gather you need like 2 different currencies to get some gear or you just hope the box treats you right. Where before you farmed comms and got your drops from the ops.

I guess you could say I am stuck in my ways and am having a very hard time adapting to the new system. But I'm gonna give it a go at least for this month since I paid my money to play and damn it if i'm not gonna use all my play time! But I at this point honestly don't know if I'm gonna keep subbing after this month. Many of the things I want to do are out of my reach since my gear is so god awful right now. But like I said I'm gonna give it a try for this month at least maybe by the end I'll have figured it out.

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