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What is your opinion of Galactic Command after the recent changes?

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What is your opinion of Galactic Command after the recent changes?

LordArtemis's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 03:19 AM | #1
I was curious about this, seeing many varied opinions on the matter. I will hold my opinion for the end.

When Galactic Command was first released I believe the reaction was mostly negative. Casuals that were used to getting gear from vendors and collecting commendations for gear, mats and companion gifts were not happy, and naturally Hardcore players were generally furious.

The system, as I understand its current state, has corrected some of the problems with its launch state, but It still requires some changes IMO. My opinion is that the system, in its current state is pretty good for casuals but still lacking for hardcore players.

I have posted suggestions on how they could improve the system, and will not repeat those suggestions here in this post...I would only ask the community if they feel Galactic Command has improved, if so in what way, and if it does have merit in what way should it change for the future?

What, if any changes would make it appealing to all player types?

Thanks for your input.

Here is a short list of suggestions compiled from the thread. I will scour the thread for more later.

1) Reduce gear costs by 1/3, keep UC rates the same

2) Major pass over all content and increase CXP gain in all areas across the board so that it is commensurate with time and difficulty

3) Completion of Gods from the Machine with a NiM version

4) Keep the bonuses after GC 300 intact

And my suggestion

1) Create one new tier for hard mode content, highest tier attainable, that drops armor pieces AND a single token that can be turned in for one armor piece. One can choose to roll against the armor piece or choose the token. This would only be for Hard content and would have a vendor for onene tradein.

2) Remove material drops from hard content, or better yet add additional casual methods of acquiring materials, perhaps sold on a vendor for Command points.

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01.18.2018 , 03:53 AM | #2
Generally I am against gear drops form RNG lootboxes, but for the sake of topic and discussion:
Improve the drop rate of yellow gear beyond rank 300. I have 4 characters above 300 and have grinded on them for a long time just to receive only blue stuff. Considering the drop rate of the lower tiers is not much higher, this is a problem even if you recieve UC. It is very unforgiving if you wanna roll alts. It is also low-rewarding playing a 300 rank character.
Now that disassembling gear doesn't give cxp the gaining rate is slow even with boosts. It should be higher, if not the rate of the double CXP event, something close to it. Its pretty showing that many people come to grind only on double events.
Maybe add some adaptive gear and weapons that are actually worth keeping and not directly trashed for cxp...

Ultimately there needs to me way more new content tied with GC to justify grinding, because as of now...a year of only grinding cxp on old content and another year of that incoming....paying sub for that only...not even remotely worth it for me. Its like some bad Korean MMO model, but there people pay not to grind...not the other way around. Also maybe stop nerfing classes just to put new tiers to GC....

Content should be done because you want to, not because you have to get some rng boxes. It burns people out. it gets boring, it gets repetitive and if you have to do that for a year...well. This is one of the reasons for the disaster 5.0 was.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 03:57 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by LordArtemis View Post
What, if any changes would make it appealing to all player types?
In an absolute sense, that can't be done, because each player type has different, and sometimes contradictory, expectations of end-game gearing.
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01.18.2018 , 04:00 AM | #4
Well you did ask...

The short version is this: With 5.0 it was crap. Now it's crap but for different reasons.

So why do I think it's crap today?
1) I still don't like endgame gear dropping from RNG loot boxes. It devaluates doing harder content too much.
2) It also encourages high repetition of mind-numbingly easy content. Particulary last boss runs in the GF and group ranked mats farming. It's definitely easy, but encourages the wrong behaviour and if you have half a brain you will get either bored or burnt out in this game. So especially for the long term it's actually bad. But the system as it is rewards the easiest content most. Last boss runs in SM are generally dead easy (mechanics can generally be ignored) and ranked group warzones give you massive rewards for losing so all you have to do is show up and lose quickly.
3) One size fits all doesn't actually fit all. The rewards are the same, no matter if you're a casual player, raider or pvp'er. On the face of it that sounds appealing but it again devaluates content. One will be more rewarding than the others and therefore will be preferred and instead of using a variety of content types people will focus on very few specific activities which brings us again to point 2 but it also leads to the majority of content in this game not being touched by most players and in the case of last boss runs people don't even learn the other fights anymore. This also makes the step to Hard Mode Operations way too big for a lot of players.
4) CXP/minute thinking also means that when people do content the objective is do it as quickly as possible and skip as much as possible. So even in case of Flash Points bonuses are rarely done and people who want to do the full FP at a more leisurely pace will not get much out of the GF experience. Also to get the GF reward you have to select all options, but you will usually end up with at least person that has selected just that one or two FPs that are the fastest because that's still more rewarding than the GF reward...CXP/minute thinking.

What needs to happen I already described in other threads and the full answer would be too long to post. So I will just give some short snippest to give an idea. Just know it's not complete and there are issues that I have thought about but not mentioned here to not go too far:

1) Three reward trees: Casual, Raiding, PvP. Some rewards will be shared, some will be unique to that tier. Unique rewards that are expensive and have no stats should be tradeable. Some of them should be really expensive so that they are valuable and keep the currency (point 4) valid.
2) Three types of endgame gear based on point 1. Stats and bonuses optimized for that specific group so the are best in slot for their relevant playstyle.
3) Three gear tabs for characters where they can store 3 sets of gear without having to use inventory space.
4) One currency per reward tree.
5) Stat gear in raids is done via gear tokens and not currency.
6) Casual gear is done via currency only but higher tiers need to be unlocked by completing some simple tasks that are not that tasking but help prepare for the harder content. I propose there will be Heal, DPS and Tank tasks and that it's a legacy unlock. But people should have at least an idea why taunts, interrupts and cleanses are important as well as target priority. Again simple tasks that are there to show why these skills are useful. They'll need it for things like Master Mode but should stay simple to not prohibit gear access to the higher tiers of gear within that tree.
7) PvP gear I personally don't like but as it's an MMO and pvp balance doesn't exist I would suggest a gearing progression focussing on cosmetics and perhaps increased effectiveness of set bonuses rather than stats increases.

It's just a quick and dirty overview but what I want to achieve is the following:
All 3 reward trees have the same rating BiS gear so no one needs to feel left out.
Each group of players as identified has a reason to gain gear for their preferences and can get rewards that make sense for it. Unique rewards are there like mounts, deco's and cosmetics but tradeable to not prohibit the reward but making them valuable as they can be costly. This gives value to each tree without making it impossible for others to gain a certain reward...but they'll have to pay for it of course. I think that's fair.
Also with being able to equip up to 3 gear sets the game can autoswitch the gear set for you in default position (or manually in an advance setting where you can choose what your tabs are dedicated to).

Those are my ideas roughly. It's still a long post I guess but this is really the short version
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DarthSpuds's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 04:54 AM | #5
Currently there are two First Order Tokens - UC and Command Tokens, we then use one of those to buy a Second Order Token - Unassembled X, and the use that and the other First Order Token to buy the gear we actually want.

When we move on to the next Tier of End Game Gear what we have just purchased is utterly useless and we have therefore, in effect, wasted those Tokens. This makes continued play of old content necessary - Bioware probably thinks this is a good idea, it isn't, it just makes players realise they a grinding old content, and that leads to player disengagement.

There should be ONE Token - with a 10,000 Token holding capacity.

Tier 1 Gear (230) should cost 75 Tokens per piece.
Tier 2 Gear (236) should cost the T1 Piece PLUS 200 Tokens.
Tier 3 Gear (242) should cost the T2 Piece PLUS 300 Tokens.
Tier 4 Gear (248) should cost the T3 Piece PLUS 400 Tokens.

The rate at which Tokens are awarded should be determined by the content played to earn them.

A Planetary H2+ quest should only award 2-5 tokens per player.
Scaling up to Ops awarding 50 or more Tokens per players.

Do away with Command Ranks, and RNG Command Crates entirely - because RNG has no place in Gear Progression outside of a Koreanesque Grindfest.

All The Best
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01.18.2018 , 04:54 AM | #6
Better than at launch, but would rather have the old 4.0 system with new content.

Rheshalea's Avatar

01.18.2018 , 06:10 AM | #7
As a casual solo player, I like being able (theoretically) to get BiS gear (not that I know exactly which pieces would be BiS for my playstyle/spec, so let's just call it T4 gear ).
I personally don't need T4 gear, but I like that it's available for me.

What I don't like is that the grind, while much improved from the early days of GC, is still horrible.
I used the XP-bonus event over the holidays to finally grind out three more characters to Rank 300 so all my future grindees... uh, sorry, Alts I mean, can have an easier time.
....and the grind is still horrible.
Again, I don't need the gear. But I got this fantabulous idea in my head of getting one character of each class to 300, and maybe then I'd feel free to play whichever alt I want to. ...and then the bonus event ended and I haven't played much since then, because the CXP gains slowed down so much. My 8th character is not 300 yet.

I still feel like the only thing I should be doing ingame is farming CXP. I should be doing this by playing whatever content I can stomach that has the daily bonus so I'm not wasting my time. For me, that means weekly/daily planetary heroics, solo flash points and the occasional Warzones or Chapters if the stars are right.
Playing lowbie alts or decorating strongholds (with a gazillion holo trees from the LifeDay Gift CXP farming) feels like wasted time. The CXP gains from playing older story content, which I tried doing on that 8th rank 300 char, feels like wasted time. Right now, playing any of my other level 70s, both those at rank 300 and those under, feels like a waste of time.

What would make me a happier camper would be if all XP, both normal levelling up XP and CXP, were connected. Like Legacy XP - anything you do on any character in the Legacy counts toward the Legacy levels. RNG piñatas accumulated on sub-70 characters would be made available to the first lvl 70 the players logs in - probably with a failsafe in place because I'm sure a lot of people, including myself, would log in the wrong char.
All content should be fairly equal as for actual CXP rewards, to give players a better choice in what they do. It's not as if the daily/weekly quests on Yavin4 are any more difficult at level 70 than the class/planetary story on Taris, so the CXP quest rewards might as well reflect that.
The random daily bonus activities are kinda annoying, too. It would be nice if we could pick one per day (but each activity only once per week) instead of it being random - that would be more fair to those who aren't able to play every day. It might even improve people's enjoyment of especially group activities when half the (for example) WZ team wasn't there more or less against their will, only because the day's bonus happens to be WZs.

In short, the GC system isn't as horrible as it was, but if we're completely stuck with it, it still needs a shedload of improvements.

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01.18.2018 , 06:30 AM | #8
Well since the topic is here again..... I think people will be OK with the system in general, but the question is what type of player likes it more and what type likes it less.

Overall, I like it the way it is. Also I have all of my toons with BiS 248 (legacy slots) and several of the completely full 248s (left side included). I would be completely full 248 on all toons, but I have very limited playing time of the game. The only thing that I would like to point out is that the system is OK they way it is now. People are able to get LOADS of UCs and use them to get what ever piece they want. So even a person like me who plays 12 hours per week was able to get 248 on his toons.

However, I have to state, maybe only 10% of my 248 were actual drops at rank 300, everything else was 242s converted to 248 specific pieces. So yes, the drop rate for tier 4 is crap and the only good thing are the UCs.
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01.18.2018 , 06:46 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by ExarSun View Post
Maybe add some adaptive gear and weapons that are actually worth keeping and not directly trashed for cxp...
So far I've kept two empty moddable shells: the Revanite MK-2 polesaber for one of my assassins, and the Revanite MK-2 sniper rifle. There are way far too many short stubby sniper rifles in this game, and that one is pretty much the total opposite.
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01.18.2018 , 09:34 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
In an absolute sense, that can't be done, because each player type has different, and sometimes contradictory, expectations of end-game gearing.
^^ I agree.

While I avoid the entire system, as does almost all my guild...... I do see what they were attempting to achieve that is different then most other MMOs ---> gear progression that is largely content independent.... but of course all gear progression in MMOs is by definition a grind designed to consume time. It's just a shame they did such a poor implementation to an otherwise innovative approach to end game gearing. Happily, there are other pathways in the game that can effectively meet most gearing needs without becoming enslaved to grinding for GC. Some will say that the old currency systems prior to 5.0 were better... but in my view they were somewhat simple, but not better as they denied most players access to top end gear. What saved them through all of this in my view was that they also improved the crafting system in 5.0 such that you could in many cases meet all your gear requirements at 70 without relying on GC to do it.

I don't buy in to all the RNG complaints.. as all MMOs are slathered heavily with RNG as part of game play as well as item acquisitions. If they had deployed the system and not used "boxes" or "crates" as the delivery mechanism.. I really do not think there would have been so much emotional reaction to RNG in GC. Unfortunately, using crates or boxes as a means to deliver simply triggers so much of the irrational outbursts that have been common for years now about the Cartel Market packs. I mean, it's not like end game gear progressions in other MMOs do not rely heavily on RNG as part of their calculation for what is actually rewarded to a player. If you cannot stand RNG.. probably best not to play MMOs.. or at least not play them seriously.
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