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The Best Tank *FOUND*

uuhitelance's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 12:38 AM | #1
I did alot of thinking and realized something.

Assumptions : Each individual fight has 2 stages of competency :

  1. Boss is on Farm (Over-geared) Or Boss is not Tank Limiting (Uninteresting)
  2. Boss is "Difficult" (Under or Adequately Geared for) "Tank Limiting"

In the 2nd Case is where we care, where we strive to maximize our tankyness so that as soon as its completed, we can forevermore throw it into category 1.

Two further Sub-situations arise that I've experienced in MMO Encounters.

  1. Sustained DPS is High on Tank
  2. Deathblow Mechanics of some sort

This is critical as I think separating bosses into these two categories will reveal the true best tank.

Under-situation A (Further Referenced as SitA : You want "True Mitigation" - The numbers for these are found everywhere. This is the simple case because every swing is considered equal. We can do a running "avg" to find the best tank.

Situation B is more tricky - because each swing is NOT considered equal. This happens when bosses have mechanics that push us to the brink : Further having two cases:

SitB: Boss has a WARNING of some sort: "BIG NASTY PREPARES TO SWING"

SitC: Boss has a random chance to do a nasty critical hit.

** NOTE : The Frequency of SitB Events ("BOSS IS SWINGING BIG") Has a BIG effect. If this occurs too frequently (say more then every minute) then the Marauder will be on CD. (even assuming swap tanks) In this case it pushes it to be classified as SitC due to being unable to preemptively mitigated - relying on chance. **


Conclusion : I Honestly think they did an EXCELLENT job of balancing the classes as far as I can tell. With only minimal assumptions we have identified 3 different "slots" and from the numbers I can easily see:

Trooper/PowerTech - Dominates SlotA : Having the best Running Avg Mitigation

Juggernaut/Guardian - Clearly with Superior "Ohh no" Buttons (30% Extra HP FTW) Can clear pre-defined choke points no other tank could possibly achieve (Except by chance)

Shadow/Assassin - With the highest chance at a "100%" mitigate, I could see these tanks being troublesome - RNG Heavy. This is usually not favored in Raids - but if an impossible obstacle is there - These guys COULD Save the day! (With enough tries Could -> WILL)

Ending :

Boss is Sustained DPS : Trooper/PowerTech

Boss has Pre-defined Obstacles - Jugg/ Guardian

Boss is HARD (Or Crits Kill) Shadow/Assassin

Having "Overgeared" tanks or Non-Tank Limiting Encounters makes these points all but moot. (Some negative points go to Shadow/Assassin due to RNG Failing hard on "easy" content and still dieing)

I honestly think all guilds will REQUIRE SitB to be filled - and PROBABLY should have SitA. SitC hopefully doesn't happen (But you NEVER know, so always gear up a Shadow/Assassin)

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12.28.2011 , 03:34 AM | #2
I think you mean juggernaut/guardian

marauder and sentinal are the dps versions

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12.28.2011 , 07:35 AM | #3
Marauders/Sentinals make amazing tanks.. I hope they add that 4th tree in someday /sarcasm

Your theroy is flawed.

Jugger has a 30% health Increasem not 40%.. and its a 3min Cooldown.

Jugger can...

Endure Pain - 30% increase once per 3 min

Saber Ward - Once per 3 min.. but will most likely still get hit on boss fights unless on farm mode.. so this is Moot

Invincible - 40% reduced Damage 3min Cooldown.

This gives you 2 Chances for that "BIG BAD SPECIAL ATTACK"(no i do not count Saber Ward, your still probly getting hit by a boss unless used at exactly the right time in a 2 sec window)

Powertech has 25% damage Reduction Shield every 2 min.

If your having to use above abilities to survive. You are doing it wrong, as the Boss will be using his Big bad attack more then 1 time per min.

Powertech Has a higher shield/Absorb
Powertech Has higher Armor Value

Merc Healer Bumps Powertech armor Value even higher.

Now, this all comes down to somethin simple.

How high is a Boss Mobs Accuracy ?
Does his Abilities auto hit no matter what ?
Will the Jugger be able to use his Defense to avoid ?

Only time and experience will tell.

uuhitelance's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 12:05 PM | #4
Slight Fail on the names : (Sadly I even have a Jugg to lvl 25...)

You specifically list the Jugg's better CD's and then say they are irrelevant?

30% EHP and a 40% Reduced Dmg Buttton - both on a 3m CD. I can easily forsee situations the extra EHP + Reduced Dmg could clear a very very high hurrdle.

You have the option of stacking them or seperating them for increased freqency of swings.

Remember : Any serious progression guild will have at LEAST 2 tanks. (I bet at all times) So in reality we are able to halve the CD to account for tank swapping.

And I can off the top of my head count the number of bosses (More then 5) I've seen that have attacks LESS OFTEN then 1 a minute that are very heavy hurdles to overcome. Grug? That final wave hitting your tank should (if dps is good) Only happen 1 time. 1. I could easily see using both CD's on that single (very very warned) strike.

Gankstah's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 12:40 PM | #5
This is where I have issues:

Quote: Originally Posted by uuhitelance View Post
Trooper/PowerTech - Dominates SlotA : Having the best Running Avg Mitigation
The average, or mean, mitigation between the 3 archetypes isn't more than 1-3%. I wouldn't say "dominates". I think you're confusing DR with average mitigation. These are two wholly different, yet related, ideals. Subsequently your title is misleading and only serves to further pigeon hole advanced classes which is mathematically untrue.

Spyde's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 12:45 PM | #6
RAW mitigation they are all within 2% or so.

When your on a boss fight.

Will the Juggers Mitigation of Def stacking to avoid hits actually work until geard above the content your on ?

Powertech Flat out takes the hits, having a constant damage on them, less spike damage.

You will have big hits, yes.

But, unlike a Jugger, you will not have massive damage spikes when those hits happen.

uuhitelance's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 01:39 PM | #7
Powertech/Trooper dominate SitA because two different factors.

1) his SUM of mitigation. (mathematically) is 2-3%the higher then either alternatives.

2) He has the LEAST RNG. He has the greatest "unmitigated" damage reduction, through armor AND talents. (Dont just look in his shield tree, theres an extra 2% hididng elsewhere)

So even if the "Dice" decide to be cruel, youll live. Reason 2 is just as vital as reason 1, this is WHY you play Powertech.

Your healers will be able to use longer cast time heals, channeled heals, all more reliably.

Windkull's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 02:02 PM | #8
But aren't you guys forgetting that with the highest shield chance and best magic tanking, Assassin would actually fit that situation the best since its most likely that when you have no cool downs, the assassin will be the one who's shield goes off and reduces the hit to survivable anyway?

Also, magic immunity and deflection etc give assassins as many cooldowns to use realistically as the others.

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12.28.2011 , 02:07 PM | #9
This analysis is bogus. You could have summarized as "your personal opinions with no evidence..."

Furthermore you don't even know the names of the tanking classes in the game leading me to believe that you have no idea how the classes work other than the generic statements that have been thrown around on the forums here for the better part of a year.

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12.28.2011 , 02:10 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Gankstah View Post
This is where I have issues:

The average, or mean, mitigation between the 3 archetypes isn't more than 1-3%. I wouldn't say "dominates". I think you're confusing DR with average mitigation. These are two wholly different, yet related, ideals. Subsequently your title is misleading and only serves to further pigeon hole advanced classes which is mathematically untrue.
Gankstah your mean mitigation values are also bogus. Did you take into account the healing provided by assassins dark charge? or the 12% healing provided when they use a fully buffed lightning channel? or the fact that MANY mobs in this game hit 2-3 times per global cooldown so >3 mobs can effectively cancel dark ward in a global? No... you didn't. And those are just SOME of the discrepancies that you haven't covered from the assassin not to mention the other two tanks. So your numbers aren't something to be touting as fact in other peoples threads.