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Tactical surge, high impact bolt, cell burst

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Tactical surge, high impact bolt, cell burst

JayChow's Avatar

01.15.2018 , 02:27 AM | #1
okay so I'm a vanguard playing with the tactics skill tree and I notice after returning to the game my 3 best attacks now only have 10 RANGE???? am I doing something wrong here. I'm a trooper and I feel like a melee class. smh

Beanze's Avatar

01.15.2018 , 07:16 AM | #2
Yeah, I believe that the only 30m attack they have is the free basic shot, they got changed to fit in with the melee DPS crowd.

TalonVII's Avatar

01.15.2018 , 08:40 AM | #3
Still think when they did that should of allowed VG and PT to use tech blades.
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