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Returning player with open world pvp question

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Returning player with open world pvp question

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01.03.2018 , 12:11 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Bebe_ View Post
I would say that it crops up from time to time. Since the server merge a lot more frequently - sometimes planned - sometimes not. I've been involved in a few dust ups on Ilum, Tat, Yavin, and Oricon since the merge.

I will say though that last week on Tat...ppl were complaining in gen chat saying that we were "being mean" by getting involved in the scrap that was going on...but it's a PvP instance, and we were all there (including the other faction, I assume) to PvP should it I have no idea what the problem would be with that. It was hilarious for my friends and I...we bashed the other side (and they us) other for 45 minutes to an hour...and then my guild went back to our other pursuits. There were roughly 20 players per faction in the wasn't just on side ganking an individual who was trying to quest in peace.
That's EXACTLY the kind of thing I would enjoy. Good to hear that it still happens from time to time. Don't pay any attention to the complaints, that's what always happens. Who cares...
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