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Republic-resurrection=impossible? Spoilers!

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Republic-resurrection=impossible? Spoilers!

kepeskvaeri's Avatar

01.01.2018 , 09:27 AM | #1
Ok so in the last sceen of TLJ people is sitting around trying to rebuild the Resistance so that they can beat the First order and restore the Republic, but is that even possible anymore? And do the people of the galaxy even want the Republic back?

During the last decades of the Republic there was almost complete corruption and chaos, which is why the Seperatists broke loose (most of them anyway) and why Palpatine could take power, so those are the memories most people who remember the Republic will have, Chaos corrution and greedy bureaucrats/business men sucking planets dry of resources. Why would any individuall systems with any power to speak of want that back, especially since the New Republic seemingly let the First Order run rampant over the Rim Systems.

The Republic and the very idea of a galaxy-spanning government has also taken a heavy beating, first we have the disfunctional Republic then we have the genocidal and planet wreeking Empire, the New Republic did not seem to do any better. And the New Republic is now gone, its entire government and appearantly central command and all its representatives is wiped out.
Also since the NR imploded FO has invaded and probably bombarded pretty much every important system so if FO is defeated any system-spanning infrastructure will go away.

In summary the Galaxy far far away has not been this broken since before the Republic was founded so how will rebuilding the Republic be even possible? Infrastructure is gone, any motivation to join the great failed governments is probably reduced heavily and I bet crime/piracy will go through the roof.
So how do you think that the writers of Episode 9 will fix this little dilema? To me it seems like an impossible task, our heroes would be forced to conquer every system that don't sign up and rebuild every system that has been wrekked by 60 years of war, poverty/economic oppression and lawlessenes to me it seems that any dreams of order and peace is somewhere far away.

annabethchase's Avatar

01.01.2018 , 09:58 AM | #2
Of course it's possible, don't really see how this is a question. There could easily be vast amounts of military resources somewhere in the galaxy that will now be ready to join up against the FO now that they've revealed their true colors. Remember that the Starkiller base incident was less than a week ago in movie time. People may or may not love the Republic, but they won't be interested in a FO government that blows up planets that weren't even at war with them.

Reminder, the resistance was a private entity not affiliated with the New Republic. They were rogues taking matters into their own hands because the New Republic wasn't going to do anything about the FO.

Don't really care if it's the "new republic", "old republic" or some new name, it just won't be the FO.

Also, it's been demonstrated several times that memories of the "old republic", Jedi and even the Rebellion are hazy things basically of legend already. People don't remember those times, except for a few historian types like Lor San Tekka.
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