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Anyone want to join me at Oricon (Pre-Revan expansion)?

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Anyone want to join me at Oricon (Pre-Revan expansion)?

camsora's Avatar

12.31.2017 , 08:08 AM | #1
Hello. I am on Star Forge (Republic Side) just getting into Oricon and planning on doing the expansions onward. Does anyone want to join me? I am looking for people who want to become good friends.

Celise's Avatar

01.01.2018 , 09:05 AM | #2
im not on your server and neither would i care about the friends part.

However i used to enjoy doing the Oricon storyline, listening to one of the dreadmasters threatening to kill you in such a way all your parts will be all over the galaxy. there is another i call "mr creepy" who wants to climb inside your mind to sense your fear and to give into dispain by spinning ever downwards.

when i was in a guild i used to enjoy mentioning that my lightsaber was thirsty and a bloodbath (literally) would be the only way it wouldn't be thirsty any more when bathing it in dreadmaster blood.

shame the dreadmaster storyline was not made into the main storyline element, after what happened on Belsavis i would of thought it would be a natural conclusion to the now rogue sith.