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<New OutRiders> Casual/Family-Friendly Republic & Sith Guild Recruitment Information

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<New OutRiders> Casual/Family-Friendly Republic & Sith Guild Recruitment Information

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12.06.2017 , 04:24 AM | #1
<New OutRiders> Casual/Family-Friendly Guild (est. 1992) Recruitment Information

[Updated 12/06/2017]
New OutRiders (NOR)

<New OutRiders> & <NewOutRiders>

Server: The Star Forge
Faction: Republic focused & Empire alt-guild
PVP: Low
PvE : Mid - Operations weekly.
Raiding: Operation runs scheduled weekly.
Conquest: Yes, scheduled events, and both factions have competed for the top ten.
Guild Size: Small+

Welcome SWTOR Players!

Our guild is a Casual, Mature Family-Friendly Guild that was founded in 1992 in the game The Shadow of Yserbius on the ImagiNation network, but has since spread out to many different game communities including SWTOR!

"To have fun and help others do the same" and we are looking for more friendly, mature members that enjoy the many aspects of the game. The friends you make here in the NOR branch of SWTOR will be with you as you explore future games. Even though we are a casual guild we also have many players dedicated to progress through the harder Operations that The Old Republic throws at us. We run lower tier Operations Weekly and have a core of experienced Hard Mode raiders willing to help new players leader the Operations content.

NOR is active in several games making your casual play a easy transition between SWTOR, ESO, EverQuest 2, Guild Wars 2, Dungeons&Dragons Online, Rift, ArcheAge, Neverwinter and many more games to come.

We encourage Altoholics so bring over all your alts. We are recruiting both Republic & Empire factions taking full advantage of the Legacy system.

NOR remains active in SWTOR with opportunities for fun social events such as achieving conquest objectives together, fighting world bosses, holding stronghold showcases, having arena ring duels on our guild ship, and making datacron runs.

Current Officers:
  • Branch Leader Intisar
  • Officer Galaxiya
  • Officer Vasniar
  • Officer Kaurix

Contact our Officers:
  • Ingame /whisper or mail Intisar/Dartalon (Rep), Galan'dara/Mandelbrot (Sith) or any of our Officers.
  • On the forums here or on our website.
  • Join our public chat channel "/cjoin nor"
  • See who is online,
    • Pub side: type "/who outriders" then hit the magnifying glass, then sort by guild.
      Imp side: type "/who newoutriders" then hit the magnifying glass, then sort by guild.

If you wish to join or learn more about our guild please:
Thank you for checking us out and we hope you find the right community to get the most out of SWTOR.