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Ranking/Favorite Classes

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Ranking/Favorite Classes

LeelaSeventen's Avatar

12.06.2017 , 10:52 AM | #11
Gameplay I would go with two blades/double blade (when it comes to the force users)
Non force users the ones where you can shoot from a distance and the two blasters. I am finding I Like the big barrel that the trooper uses.
Story wise

Republic: I can't say I an order them in a way because I really enjoy them all. Yes I am a republic girl all the way.

agent, though i find some of the chapter 2 and 3 offputing, I really really hate the end boss person. (way too much of one of those cartoon villians who thinks they are more special then they really are)

BH: eh I will do it for the cartell coins and full legacy. The majority of the campanions are cool. Not a bad story persay but hmm I don't know it isn't one of my favorites. Though I do like all the companions well except Skadge. I am rerolling a BH so I might change my mind.

tjguelcher's Avatar

12.08.2017 , 06:20 AM | #12
In order 1 though 8
1. Inquisitor
2. Jedi Knight
3. Agent
4. Warrior
5.Bounty Hunter
7. Trooper
8. Smuggler
All the imperial stories feel more driven by the characters, and honestly, the smuggler bored me to tears in acts 2 and 3, and the Trooper is a little too generic.
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