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New player help

MrKrypto's Avatar

12.02.2017 , 02:30 PM | #1
Hi, so i'm new to swtor and i'm looking for people who wants to play together.
server: north american: star forge or eu: darth malgus
send me if u want to play

Jerqa's Avatar

12.04.2017 , 11:40 AM | #2
Hi there and welcome to the game

I play on Starforge ( came from Ebon Hawk ) so you might look me up there, name is Tsoukalos.

Have a good day
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Rules & Information

ObsidianBones's Avatar

12.04.2017 , 04:14 PM | #3
Again, welcome. On Darth Malgus, I have Kalee Starshadow, and on Star Forge (from Ebon Hawk as well) there's a list: Erobous Tlaloc; Carminda Odessia; Sierk'an Tlaloc; Myrhh Odessia; Nyxious Starshooter; Aleckto Deah; Khronous Firerage; Wolfgang Bonesteel. All my toons on Star Forge are level 70 and at the end of KOTFE or starting KOTET. Kalee is at level 46 and at the end of Chapter One of the Sith Inquisitor class story.
I usually play in the evenings unless I have nothing else to do and am really bored with real life.