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Slavery in the Star Wars Universe is Pointless

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Slavery in the Star Wars Universe is Pointless

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11.26.2017 , 12:35 PM | #11
Not sure what motivates this thread,

That said, in the fantasy of star wars, the "empire" is the "bad guy" and does bad oppressive things. I think the various forms of the "empire" are also xenophobic and will engage in genocide (nazish if you will) and if the conquered are found useful, enslaved as free labor.

Other realms of "evil" and questionable morality "groups" (think crime organizations) also engage in these practices for profit.

Personally, i would love a full expansion that is "darker themed" exploring the criminal elements such as these in swtor. We get a handfull of blips of this content scattered in the game. Of course, my skin is thick enough not to be offended by fantasy portrayals of this content unlike others this day and age seem to be... i wouldnt need a "safe space."


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