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Another "reps suck at PVP" and "Premades ruin PVP" thread

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Another "reps suck at PVP" and "Premades ruin PVP" thread

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11.22.2017 , 04:17 PM | #11
I've finally hit the wall with both imps and repubs and dealing with premades.

I don't care anymore. I play on multiple characters and do the dailies, if it takes 4 losses (almost always on my republic toon, satele shan server)

It's regs. Reg's are regs... completely and totally random. Yea it sucks fighting stacked teams with voice comms and all that jazz, and abit cheesy considering its public solo que games. If the game is REALLY bad, like its all the same guild name or familiar names just hard focusing every single person in the match, then I leave. No reason to stick around and get triggered for that madness.
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11.22.2017 , 07:20 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by merovejec View Post
So it didnt take long and Darth Malgus feels like old Progenitor times.

Again ist people leaving the wz in masses, farming respawned ppl at entry area, facerolling reps with perfect class/spec balanced premade, mainly going for kills not objective, etc etc. I have already seen the guilds from Progenitor, now they work side by side with the old TRE imp premades, double premades, oh joy.

So its back to the 4 wz to do a daily drill. Thanks guys, you are really good, there is no stopping you, you are the Best of the Best of the BEST! I cant even imagine how its possible that you have lasted for so long in this game just login in every day, facerolling reps all day everyday, same maps, same toons. Its incredible.

But, who am I to complain, I know the comments, "its an MMO" "find friends and que against them" "there is the que group option" I know I know. If its fun for you, ok, you do what you do best, but im out, ill stick to ranked, it has throwers, wintraders, hackers etc, but thats still better than what goes on in regs with all these premades. After all, the game is getting smaller and smaller and at this rate and with your way, you might just be the last ones in que
What’s sad is they aren’t even good. If a good pug team goes up against them, they crumble fast. Most of the games I leave are at the beginning when I see I’m stuck with a bunch of premades on my team, not because I’m against them. I’d rather be against them.
These guys will never get bettter because all they do is face roll reps or low skilled players.
None of this is new, it’s been like this since the game launched, the difference is back then, those premades were made up of actual good players.
All you can do now is what we used to do back then, grind against them. While this may not sound like fun in the short term, it will end up making you a better player and they will stay the same. Eventually you’ll be better than them and be able to do reverse face rolls. Which face it, feels really good when you take on 2-3 of these guys from said premades in a 1v3 and they can’t kill you and you end up killing them.
I’ve been panicking about the lag I get from OZ since the servers moved, but it’s only really a problem in Ranked. Playing regs seems to be ok at the moment because the players aren’t nearly as tough as they used to be. It’s certainly feasible for one good player to carry a whole team against some of these bad premades.

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11.22.2017 , 07:34 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Wimbleton View Post
PVPers typically choose the evil side/faction because they know that, among other decent PVPers, the good side also attracts all the RP/PvEers. At least in any game I’ve played. Most of my imp games are against other Imps. And while I enjoy a game full of strong players on both side, trying to carry the complete trash that finds its way into pub queues is just not fun, as you’ve said. Can sometimes carry with 2-4 good players but I simply wouldn’t solo queue there ever. I also DGAF if people trying to SJW the light side don’t agree, but I do feel their pain.
And some good pubs get sick of trying to constantly carry teams and will switch sides. All that does is make the imbalance worse for pubs.
I can’t wait for more cross faction pvp. I just wish they’d get around to making all pvp cross faction, then it wouldn’t matter what faction is stronger.

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11.22.2017 , 08:46 PM | #14
If you prefer playing Pub side you might want to consider Star Forge, at least if you are getting a decent enough connection for it to be playable. My experience with Star Forge so far as that either faction be competitive. I was doing my weekly yesterday on my Rep side toon and almost every match was a win. Out of the twelve or so matches I ran with that toon we only lost three.

I play both Rep and Imp side on Star Forge and I'd say so far it is more or less even. I've had wins and losses on both sides and have seen both sides go on runs where they win a bunch in a row. In the end it evens out.

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11.22.2017 , 10:25 PM | #15
See ppl, that's the problem with you, when you get ganked by some premade, your type's of ppl usually write

Oh just let them win, we can't beat them or you just leave that match, leaving your team mates to fight the battle 'cause you don't have the courage to stand up to bullies.

Few nights ago, there was a rep premade going on, guardians and pt tanks with sage healers and few dps'es, believe it or not, our fellow imps have made that premade on the rep side.

It was a Quesh Huttball, after they scored two goals, ppl started leaving, few of them posted "let them win" and it kinda triggered me, I mean, grow some manhood for god sake, so I replied, "if I'm gonna lose, I'll make their game living hell".

I scored two goals solo on my mara, like no support at all and we lost 2:6.

My point is, if I scored 2 goals on my marauder with zero help, only because I've put effort in it, imagine what could have been if the rest (7 other players in my team) have put the same effort I did.

Sure, voice coms help, good premade is hard to defeat in arena's if you're there with bunch of random ppl who cant even follow dps that guy line, but cmon, 8v8, you just have to communicate via chat for little and do some teamwork, pass the ball, call inc etc and put some effort in it.

Premades dont ruin PVP, they show how the other team is disconnected from team play. How many times have you seen ppl dying in Huttball for example with the ball on, refusing to pass to other team mate? It's just 2 clicks away but ppl still dont do it, cause they know all and they are the best in their opinion.

Many times I've tried to give the advice, to motivate my team (random 7 players in wz) in order to get back some node/pylon so we could win, only to get responses like "****" and so on.

Your solution to everything is team play. You dont wanna queue with other ppl? Fine, but you're still gonna end up in a warzone with 7 other ppl in the same team and you need to work together to achieve victory.

Not doing objectives, insulting your team mates, farming dps and so on, it's not gonna get you anywhere.

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11.23.2017 , 01:02 AM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
What’s sad is they aren’t even good. If a good pug team goes up against them, they crumble fast.
Well, like I said, they have been doing this for years and in such a time you simply have to get good no mather what you do. Some of them are pretty good players, yet what I dont get is why they play this way and how on earth are they able to keep it up??

Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Most of the games I leave are at the beginning when I see I’m stuck with a bunch of premades on my team, not because I’m against them. I’d rather be against them.
These guys will never get bettter because all they do is face roll reps or low skilled players.
The thing is I cant play every day, i want to play as much as possible when I can. Having to leave a wz is mostly time lost for me. I like being efficient when I play, which is simply not possible in regs pvp rep side due to premades. I have many 242s from leveling up GC ranks and wanted to get as much UCs as possible, just by doing dailies on toons, but this way it takes ages.
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11.23.2017 , 01:08 AM | #17
I totaly understand the OP and this is now the worst state ever after the server merge. I left Progenitor over 3 years ago mainly due to the big imp/rep side inbalance and the imps facerolling the reps. Funny thing was that reps had the upper hand in ranked PVP on Progenitor (when it actually poped).

Now we have the imps from all servers (well TOFN was dead pretty much) and its terrible. Its really not fun to enter a wz and see all 3 cannons capped, both pylon captured, 6:0 huttball in 2 min. It might be fun for them, but not fun for us. If you take GSF for example the community is much smaller and people are not so aggresive. They swap sides to balance out, they stop farming ships at spawn, they let you cap one satelite...... imps premades in regs..... no way, they go full in to mess up your day!

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11.23.2017 , 01:12 AM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by Delvianseek View Post
Agree with OP - for me, premades suck the fun out of the game. I used to play quite a bit in the evenings but I'm finding myself playing less and less now, in part, due to the effect premades are having on regs for me. If it stops being fun I won't force myself to play the game.
Yup this was my case too, I wanted to just go with solo ranked, but since it does not pop that much on DM and if so, we lose badly cause of new reps "trying out ranked" I gave up on that too. The only thing we do with guild is just make 2 teams and do team ranked for the dailies and weeklies, not interested in rating anymore with the system that is there.

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11.23.2017 , 01:31 AM | #19
problem is premades, other games balance the amount of players a premade can have or better yet put premades on both teams to level the playing field.

that sadly doesn't happen in swtor for some reason. lets see how good these tryhard kids when facing other premades and getting rekt.

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11.23.2017 , 01:52 AM | #20
I suppose at the least these days we can hobble through to actually complete our ranked weekly.... finally.