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Some thoughts on Niman.

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01.29.2018 , 11:30 AM | #11
Something to keep in mind. Martial artists who use specific styles will tell you this. There is no such thing as an ultimate style, or this is better than the other. There are only dangerous people. Know why Exar Kun made Nimian so dangerous. Because HE pushed himself to make the form dangerous.

It's the wielder using the form, not the form itself.
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02.01.2018 , 08:19 AM | #12
I know he isn't cannon (thank the maker) but Starkiller's clone is what you can expect from a Niman Combat Specialist. To be fair I like to think of Niman as more of the trickster's form than the Diplomats, as most who used it and specialized in combat tended to fight what would be considered dirty, turning a weapon on and off mid fight to throw off the opponent, using the hilt of the blade to surprise an enemy, or adding force based elements to their strikes to make them harder to defend against.

In that way, noone in the movies really fights that way. We never see someone use a lighting infused saber, or push hit someone with the hilt while simultaneously pushing them back with the force. Most fighters are fairly straight forward, which is weird considering many of the lightsaber duels you see are with Sith.

There is a theory that Darth Maul used Niman for the majority of his first appearance, only using Juyo when him and Qui-gon were alone. While there is much evidence for it, there are still holes so that's more up to the viewer than anything else.

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02.04.2018 , 05:11 PM | #13
The switching the blades on/off is actually a practice called Trakata. While often interwoven with niman, it also has prominence with the other forms as well. It does tend to be most effective with Makashi, Shii-Cho, Juyo, and Niman though, due to the way that such a technique bolsters these forms.
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