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Changing the interface in GSF

NHBabe's Avatar

11.17.2017 , 07:06 PM | #1
I've noticed in many of the youtube videos people have been able to change the interface on their GSF screen. How is this done? I've looked everywhere but I just keep getting the interface editor for the game and not GSF specifically. I'd really love to be able to move some things around to better accommodate my playstyle.

Also, can anyone advise on the best crew to use for Imperium/Quell/Blackbolt? I'm having a really hard time with my build and crew and figured I could at least see what the majority was using for crew before I dig further in the build.

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11.17.2017 , 07:35 PM | #2
Open your Edit Interface menu.

About halfway down, you'll see a drop down marked "Main HUD." You want to click that, and then scroll down to GSF.

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11.17.2017 , 08:04 PM | #3
My personal preferences: Move my Debuffs bar to just above my Abilities bar, and increase the Scale of my map to MAX so I can spot DO's in TDM's better and see where my team is going better. Also remember to go to your Preferences -> Cooldown Text - Show Cooldown Text to make sure you can maximize the use of your abilities and cooldowns
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11.18.2017 , 06:37 AM | #4
Thanks! I never noticed that drop down before! And yes, I have the cool down text clicked on as I find that useful for PVE as well.
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11.18.2017 , 09:57 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by NHBabe View Post
Also, can anyone advise on the best crew to use for Imperium/Quell/Blackbolt? I'm having a really hard time with my build and crew and figured I could at least see what the majority was using for crew before I dig further in the build.
For the crew:

All of the ships you listed generally want

Blizz in engineering
Vector in defense

Traditionally they'd also take

Jaesa in offense
Salana Rok in tactical

with Salana as the choice of copilot for Wingman.

That's still the maximum DPS option with perfect play in most cases.

Variant builds would be:

Talos or Treek in tactical and as copilot in the Blackbolt in order to stack evasion with Running Interference to avoid railgun fire. This is probably better than Wingman if running an EMP Field build.

Blizz as copilot for hydrospanner which is a similar trade of firepower for survivability but works nicely in the strikes.

Potentially Gault for the rapid reload passive in offensive in a Quell. Arguments could be made for just about any of the other offensive crew, but Precision is the single strongest DPS passive available (even on the Quell), and after that it's probably pilot preference in terms of Improved Kill Zone to make locking missiles easier or Rapid Reload for firing more in a given timespan, which pretty much narrows things down to Jaesa or Gault.

Running a Remote Slicing Imperium you might contemplate Doctor Lokin in Tactical in order to take the Lockdown copilot ability allowing 60 + 40 = 100 points of engine pool drain on a single target once per minute. More a trolling opponents build than seriously competitive though.

On the Imperium depending on how you build in terms of balancing evasion/shield/damage reduction Writch is potentially acceptable for defensive passives. On a Charged Plating build you'd take Xalek, but there's so much armor piercing damage flying around that it's really hard to recommend Charged Plating on anything other than a minelayer, and even there it's not exactly great anymore.

It's easier now to play with variant builds than before 5.5. If you drop Efficient Maneuvers, Pinpointing, and Response Tuning (losing Response Tuning hurts on the blackbolt, strikes can live without it) the consequences are likely to be painful, but outside of that you can play around with crew builds without hurting yourself that much. The gap between the great and the ok got narrowed some with the patch.

Oh, and Nullify and Lingering Effect both stink pretty badly as actives. For the rest of the uncommon ones they tend not to be bad so much as very, very niche. Using them isn't hard, but using them to great effect is, which is why people gravitate to the ones that are useful almost every time.
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11.20.2017 , 07:20 AM | #6
Wow, thanks Ramalina. I'm gonna test a few of these out to see if my performance improves. I really wish they'd go back to increase in rewards though as it takes so long now to upgrade the ships. I got really spoiled and didn't want that to stop.

The one good thing about these changes is it got me out of my rut of reverting to solely GS play. I did tend to take my bombers out every now and then, but mostly stuck to my GS's. Now if I want to be competitive at all, or at least not die every few seconds off spawn against other Vets, I have to start getting decent with the Strikes and Scouts.

I will say that between these changes and the server merges giving new blood and more pops, GSF hasn't been more fun. Even when my team wipes with 5 to 1000 or 1 to 50, and I want to bang my head against the keyboard, it at least wasn't dull and boring.
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