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EMP Missiles Both Bugged & Overpowered

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EMP Missiles Both Bugged & Overpowered

Krylaancelo's Avatar

11.13.2017 , 11:10 PM | #1
Bug: Currently doing full damage to player ship hulls instead of half damage as it reads on the tooltip.

That may be the reason they seem incredibly overpowered but also possibly not. I have watched no fewer than one instance per domination game tonight (played around 10 games, most were domination) where someone got 3+ kills with a single EMP missile on a node.

Why did anyone think it's a good idea to allow a missile that does 400+ damage to every target with a damage range of 8000m (4,000m radius = 8,000m diameter) that ignores all shields and armor, a fast lock-on time, a short cooldown, a fast travel time, and a medium-long range? Get a bunch of strikes with it and you can kill entire teams with one volley. And if you somehow don't manage to murder the entire team in the first volley, they're significantly hamstrung for 10s and you can feasibly hit them with another missile before that wears off (even incorporating travel and lock times).

Even more frustrating is that you cannot know when you're going to be hit by the aoe attack if you aren't the one being targeted by the missile(s).

Staying more than 4,000m away from anything that could be targeted is also not really feasible if you intend to actually defend or take a node in domination. In deathmatch, maybe possible, but you'd have to work at it as people will almost always be flying near you unless you're running around in a scout trying to get solo kills.

I will not be playing GSF again until this is fixed. Even at 50% of that damage it feels incredibly overpowered. There is no feasible counter to this except trying to do the same thing and getting lucky by getting the missiles off first.

Verain's Avatar

11.13.2017 , 11:21 PM | #2
They are bugged, and that bug will be fixed soon.

As for the rest of the post... I think you are overreacting a bit.
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