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Darth Hexid questions and more questions ... so many lore questions ... omg

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Darth Hexid questions and more questions ... so many lore questions ... omg

OldVengeance's Avatar

11.29.2017 , 05:03 AM | #21
Apparently the dialogue is identical no matter Jaesa you have. That sounds more like a bug or an oversight to me.

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11.29.2017 , 07:22 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Gelious View Post
Here's some food for thought.

I have a LS SW. He made his Jaesa LS. I got Ranos and she told me Jaesa was out there defending people from Zakuul.

Now I got Hexid, And she tells me Jaesa fallen to DS and is killing Zakuul forces.

At first I thought It was Bioware just as usual, not paying attention to their own previously established lore. Or maybe they forgot that originally you were not supposed to have both Ranos and Hexid, thats why they they say opposite things. Maybe whoever you got was right by default.

But then I thought about chronology. Hexid joins after Ranos, after you dealt with Zakuul. It's entirely possible her information is more up to date. Combine it with the fact that Bioware mentioned DS Jaesa as the one to return, and not LS...

It looks like they are setting up DS Jaesa being the only possible version of character. I guess it beats the treatment Khem got
When Hexid said that, I thought she was lying, but I just wish choices stuck, I don't wanna DS Jaesa... I think I'm just going to not do the alliance alert for Jaesa's cannon return and stick to head cannon on LS Jaesa's return.

But anyways ...I just don't get why they can't seperate the alliance alerts depending on the choice you made, 'cause if Ranos can have two different dialogues on DS or LS Jaesa then how hard is it to bring back LS Jaesa, it's only a few lines more then done, as most returned companions after the expansions only get like 4-5 mins of total dialogue and that's it.

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11.30.2017 , 06:00 PM | #23
I have LS SW, too, and got the impression Jaesa ends up DS no matter what, which was disappointing.

Still, as for Darth Hexid herself, I am enjoying the character. She's quite sassy to me. I think my DS SI will be great buddies :3

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11.30.2017 , 06:37 PM | #24
I kinda feel that if LS had switched alignments, there should have been an extra mention of that, not just identical descriptions of DS Jaesa.

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12.01.2017 , 11:49 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Gelious View Post
I guess it beats the treatment Khem got

Khem is also similar to Jaesa as there were two versions of him: the all Dashade and the shell inhabited by Lord Zash. While they could have brought back the monster talk version (and avoid possible VA issues) just as they did with Qyzen Fess, it'd be impossible to satisfy those who had chosen the Lord Zash version.

So I'm with others on the LS Jaesa. I'm sticking to the returned comapnions device and my own head canon.
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12.01.2017 , 12:04 PM | #26
If they're going to change my Jaese, I would rather they dump her into the middle 'grey' territory than a pure dark sided crazy chick.