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Skipping bonus and other things in Flashpoints

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Skipping bonus and other things in Flashpoints

Gallandaeus's Avatar

11.15.2017 , 05:09 AM | #21
The Isotope is more valuable to me than the CXP pack. I usually form my own groups to avoid group finder on principle, since the people you meet in there are often robotic in practice and mentality.

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11.15.2017 , 06:31 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by merovejec View Post
Well the real question is WHY? There are not special drops now, or at least I think there arent, so the only reason to do it, is the achievement. Unfortunately not all people do it for the achievement.

However, as it was said, there is the Solo mode and if people want to take it slow and go through the cutscenes they should do it solo and not que for Master mode FPS to watch the cutscenes! Now, you either do the Master mode FPS for the achievements (all bosses) or CXP (skip bonus), so u need to ask what kind of group you have.
Got Statue of Ancient Slave on Korriban MM bonus boss the other day (which was easier than the second boss). I'm going to guess you can still get deco drops from them.

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11.16.2017 , 03:40 AM | #23
If you are level 70, the reward for bonuses is meager in veteran mode. it's not really worth it in my eyes.
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11.16.2017 , 10:59 PM | #24
i Have been getting those to and I want to experience all of the FP's. That or the annoying "spacebar" people.

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11.17.2017 , 05:08 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by Yezzan View Post
Firstly, most of the FPs have a solo version. So, if people want to play, at their own pace, then play story mode and do your thing. If you are level 70, you should have done all FP's at least once, except Collicoid War Games. If you are new, just say, I am new and people will slow down. If you want to see the cut-scene, say so, but remember it's majority wins.

For master Mode, you shouldn't be watching no cut scene, the only request should be if you can do the bonus boss; and in most cases, experienced players will assess your performance and consider if it's worth it or not.

Remember, you are in a group. So if the group decides to skip trash you skip trash and if they decide to space-bar through cut scene then that's what you do or just leave.

if you are in Hammer Station/ Manadalorian Raiders FP then dont bother asking. People are just zerging to complete daily/weekly and move to next toon. No time for killing trash or watching cutscenes.
While that may be true, some of the skipping may create problems as some of the skipping means jumping over something and some may not be able to do that very well so throwing a temper fit because they didn't jump like you do is uncalled for.
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11.17.2017 , 05:28 PM | #26
I typically use the opening cut scene to check if people are new (and if it's long enough, to ask who wants to do the bonus) now... which does not go over well with the "spacebar!!!!111" crowd.

Master-Paulus's Avatar

11.19.2017 , 08:58 PM | #27
Personally I like doing full clears and watching the cut scenes, but if the group wants to skip, then I'll go with flow too

If dpsing on my main, I'll follow the Tank, but if I'm tanking I'll usually do bonus' and kill all bosses as I'm usually after the achievements; as long as the group doesn't object

Pain-'s Avatar

11.20.2017 , 09:32 AM | #28
Honestly I think it boils down to rewards. Make the rewards for doing bonus content good enough and people will do it. Hell if you added a reward to watching a cut-scene, if its good enough people would do it!
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11.21.2017 , 11:54 PM | #29
I'm definitely "that guy" in FPs. I want the fastest possible CXP/min and I absolutely don't want to waste time watching cutscenes or pulling unnecessary trash.

Whenever possible I limit my selection to Hammer, Mando, Reaper,etc in order to avoid getting cutscene watchers. I'll set the pace in the FP and if people *purposefully* slow down I'll vote kick. I've never had a vote kick fail, so my group seems to appreciate it. Probably because I'm never rude about it. Polite, but firm. People who are new or just not as skilled are fine, and I'm happy to teach them how to improve their clear times.

Don't worry, I've been on the other end before too. I've run into a group of people who wanted the entire FP experience and kicked me when I skipped all the Hammer Station trash. I've been kicked by people who are even more skilled at running FPs than me and I was slowing THEM down! No hard feelings in either case.

Time is CXP, and I'd rather kick/be kicked than slow down my runs with a group that's a poor fit. Conversely, I'm sure they'd rather run with someone who meets their needs.
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11.24.2017 , 03:50 PM | #30
It's fairly straightforward for me - when I begin something, I want to complete it fully. Doubling the chance at a housing drop is a nice incentive, too, if you need anything more than that. If I find a group which doesn't want to do a bonus, I just leave and go do something else, no hard feelings, but to me it's non-optional.

It bothers me that they designed the flashpoints such that so many mob groups can be avoided even without a stealther or certain professions. It seems they wanted to appease the speed-run "ignore the content and gimme mah loot/CXP" crowd, but it's how the FPs are made and I live with it.
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