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starting planet

Oogresh's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 09:29 PM | #1
I was just wondering if race matters at all for what planet you start on, or does it only go by class?

Anawyn's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 09:48 PM | #2
It's only based on class.

Oappo's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 11:22 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Anawyn View Post
It's only based on class.
Originally Posted by Kaden
Well it won't be a release date or anything like that. Probably some lame update about polishing rocks or cleaning windows for SWTOR. Maybe a cafeteria workers perspective on what serving lunch in the Bioware office is like.

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12.28.2011 , 12:30 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Oappo View Post
No, not /thread, cuz now Im going to list the starting planets

Jedi Con./Knight:Tython
Smuggler/Trooper:Ord Mantell
Sith Inq./Warrior:Korriban
Imp Agent/B Hunter:Hutta

Now.......... /thread

Yes I realize the OP probably already knew this......