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Singularity Pack Decoration Review

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Singularity Pack Decoration Review

Xina_LA's Avatar

10.30.2017 , 09:25 AM | #1
I've finally obtained one of each of the Singularity pack decorations. Here's my review.

THE GOOD: Kudos to the devs for remembering to add more than one hook option to the decorations! Also A+ on bringing out new light sources that actually provide light.

THE BAD: The decorations are far too rare. Very few decorations drop out of an entire hypercrate. As a result, the GTN prices are insane.

THE UGLY: The Plateau Windmill has squeak FX that sounds worse than nails on a chalkboard. I love the concept of the deco, but it drives me crazy after squeaking for a few minutes.


Dread Obelisk -- A very fetching decoration with many uses. Dark enough for Sith or Darkside-themed strongholds, yet still neutral enough to use in any sort of temple or place of mystery.

Forge Complex Ceiling Lights -- Very nice! Provides a good amount of reddish light, without being overpowering like the Imperial Ceiling Light. You'll want a set of these, so it's a shame they're very uncommon.

Forge Conduit -- A nifty piece, good for combining with other technology decos. Does it only fit in a Small floor hook?

Forge Facility Computer -- A+ decoration. Useful and fits in almost any theme. Plus, it fits in two common hook sizes. Works both outdoors and indoors with high ceilings.

Forge Tile -- Another awesome decoration, due to the animated gold stripes on the sides. Much more versatile than the Iokath Forge Walkway, as underground lava/plasma doesn't always make sense.

Hanging Forge Lamps -- Very interesting lights that provide useful illumination. Long enough to be decorative, not too long to use in rooms with normal ceiling height. The light has a bit of a gold cast to it, not quite as yellow as the Massassi Ceiling Light.

Iokath Munitions Cache -- Another useful item that works in multiple hook sizes. It looks great from every side and has much greater detail than most containers.

Korriban Tomb Tablet -- People have been asking for this item for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, like all the other decos from this pack, it's very rare. You'll be lucky to have one adorning your wall on Dromund Kaas or Yavin 4. If you're going for a Dark-themed stronghold, this is a must-have deco.

Plateau Windmill -- Animated decorations are always fantastic, especially one that works in two hook sizes. It's perfect for any outdoor area, especially on Manaan, Yavin 4, or Tatooine. Just make sure to place it far from any roleplay areas, as you will probably get tired of the repeating rusty squeak FX.

Unassembled Battledroid -- This is a great trophy to place with your Incomplete Skytrooper Chassis, Framed Skytrooper Chassis, or Skytrooper Husk. If you're more of a tinkerer, place this with your Droid Engineer's Workbench, Droid Parts Shelf, or any forge.

Voss Tomb Terminal -- Sadly, this beautiful, detailed piece only fits in a Large hook (devs, please add a Centerpiece option). Like other big computer decorations, you can't slide it up against a wall. Fortunately, the back of the terminal is just as impressive as the front. (I just wish I could embed it in a wall with only the back showing, so that it would be a display of ancient writings instead of a computer.)

Head over here to see pictures of all the decorations in this pack:

So, what do you think? Which of these decorations do you covet the most?
How have you used them in decorating? Do you have any screenshots to share?
--=# Decorating addict of Satele Shan server. #=--

LordFell's Avatar

10.30.2017 , 01:27 PM | #2
Great review! Thanks for posting this.

EHKodiak's Avatar

11.09.2017 , 06:58 PM | #3
You're right though, they were FAR too rare in this pack