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SWTOR community discord?

VerlainKarim's Avatar

10.26.2017 , 11:51 AM | #1
Does it exist? And if so, may I have the code?

DarkAmundson's Avatar

11.03.2017 , 05:02 AM | #2
I don't think there is one. But you can always make one yourself! Then start advertising it on the forums! Let the people know man!

LadyAdmiral's Avatar

11.03.2017 , 11:47 AM | #3
Hello, there is one available to players on all servers here:
~ Swtorista

ChanceGalvin's Avatar

11.08.2017 , 10:57 PM | #4
You are welcome on mine.
We are a former multi-gaming community that was founded in the beta of SWTOR.
But with the fall of SWTOR, coincidentally came the fall of my community.
There's still a lot of us who play. You are welcome to join whenever.

I personally am a beta player with 33 maxlevel characters in the top tier of raiding gear, however most others are more casual.

Thorttian's Avatar

11.19.2017 , 09:28 AM | #5
Hello all! I invite you all to join The Star Forge discord with 690 members, we have lots of channels that are specific to rp,pvp,pve,lore,general,imp and republic tags and GM tags: