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Esselles flashpoint

Cribbet's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 09:16 PM | #1
I skipped the Esselles flashpoint when I was traveling to Coruscant. Now that I have started the adventure on Coruscant I want to go back and try the Esselles flashpoint but I can't figure out how to get there. How do I get back to the Esselles flashpoint?

Robinator's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 10:28 PM | #2
You can take a shuttle back to the fleet from Coruscant (very top of the Coruscant map, north of the taxi). You can also use your Fleet Pass ability to get back to the fleet (it is likely not on your quickbar, but you can find it in your Abilities tab).

Once you are back on the fleet, take the southern-most elevator down to Coruscant departures. You can get the quest for Esseles and find the entrance there.

hope that helps!


Cribbet's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 08:48 AM | #3
Thanks Robin!