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Command Crate dropped 246 rated (54) mods and enhancements: "no research available"

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Command Crate dropped 246 rated (54) mods and enhancements: "no research available"

pandelume's Avatar

10.15.2017 , 02:04 AM | #1
Just to avoid people thinking I might be confusing things:

I'm strictly and only talking about purple mods and enhancements with 246 rating named "something mod 54" and "something enhancement 54", which dropped inside command crates in the following two ways:
- mods and enhancements were installed in a piece of armor
- just a lose mod or enhancement was in the box

: : My Cybertech is 600 on lvl 70 character
: : I've been able to reverse engineer purple Mods and enhancements of the 240 (51) variety without issue.
: : I know other people have been able to reverse engineer the 246 rated items, since crafted ones are on GTN.
: : I've been told that specifically and only the items dropping from command crates can be reverse engineered.

Is it bugged since some recent patch or is there some way to make it work?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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10.15.2017 , 01:58 PM | #2
I wish I could help.

I went through my crew skills today in the hopes of finding a schematic I did not already have so I could test, but could not find one.
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10.15.2017 , 05:30 PM | #3
The loose ones are NOT REable. The ones in gear should be.

So say for instance, you get 246 gloves, the mods inside there, you should be able to transfer to the appropriate toon via legacy gear and rerip and reverse engineer

Vercundus's Avatar

10.16.2017 , 07:34 AM | #4
Those solo mod drops are new, it is possible that there is a bug with those for RE. Or you already learned the schematic via well, schematic drop Double check to be sure.

If it's a bug, just use the proven method of RE the mod ripped from a piece of gear.

JediAkemi's Avatar

10.16.2017 , 10:27 AM | #5
The only loose 246 enhancement I've seen drop has been one I don't want (Savant 54 twice when I've already RE'd the more optimal Quick Savant 54 from a headpiece or offhand) so I haven't tested it yet.

Exocor's Avatar

10.16.2017 , 09:01 PM | #6
Before 5.5, there were just 2 different enhancements with the same rating and numbers ingame. The one, extracted from gearpieces and the one, that can be learned from schematics. If you reengineered the first one, you got directed to the second one. With 5.5., we got this one. As you see in the lists below, it cannot be reengineered or crafted.
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10.17.2017 , 09:51 AM | #7
I have a few toons and the 246 they can learn so far is the schemics that drop from the Tier 4 crates. I am not sure about the mods they just added but if it is like before you can't . I haven't tested it yet.
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10.24.2017 , 10:57 AM | #8
And in a related issue...since JUNE 2017, my sorc synthweaver has been unable to R/E anything she has crafted. This is a definite bug...NOT a feature. Fortunately, I had an alt that was solely a gatherer, and was able to drop one gather skill and add the Synthweaving skill, and level that up...and she can R/E items...but, it's a pain that the original 'toon can't R/E anything SHE crafts... I submitted a ticket..and then a Bug report...and heard nothing but crickets from SWTOR....sigh.

SeCKSEgai's Avatar

10.27.2017 , 12:35 AM | #9
I have tested this and I have noted that there have been unlearned mods/enhancements I've recovered that I cannot RE despite not owning the recipe. I get the impression they're not treated the same in the loot tables.

On a side note it was kinda neat to get a 248 armoring with less than 300 cmd - helped me create a legacy shield between that and a duplicate set of tank pants.
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10.29.2017 , 03:02 PM | #10
I've been seeing the Tier 1 crates dropping 234 "[item description] 48" enhancements, armorings, and barrels, and all of them show "No Research Available" when I stick them in legacy gear to pass to the relevant crafters. This appears to be specific to the loose mods.