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Favorite Villian from class stories or single story content and why?

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Favorite Villian from class stories or single story content and why?

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10.14.2017 , 03:35 PM | #11
For me it has to be Tenebrae. His backstory to me is extremely interesting seeing as how he mirros my favorite class a little, both him and SI are from humble origins and rise to be the top-food chain and heavily rely on force shenanigans. I also think both Doug Bradley and Darin De Paul did an amazing job of voice-acting him. To me his arc felt like a bigger version of my Kaggath against Darth Thanaton, 2 rival Sith Lords competing for the right to rule and that is why he's my favorite villain.
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10.17.2017 , 06:49 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by banimoka View Post
first place :

Darth Tenebrae - for being interesting , they could have done much more with him but they crowbarred him into being 4ever badguy out of lack of imagination

second runners : not firstpick BUT still interesting characters

Darth Baras
Darth Malgus
Satele Shan - for not dying ... ever
I agree, Tenebrae was great. As much as I loved the Eternal Empire story line, when he just went full bad guy (even after he knew that we had the holocron) it killed me a little bit. I guess I was sort of hoping that he would have treated my Sith Warrior, the same way Marka Ragnos treated Tenebrae. I sort of wish that they had just left Revan alone lol, they kind of trampled over some sacred ground with that one. Malgus was a good Julius Caesar type bad guy. Satele, I did enjoy telling her off aplenty with my Sith Warrior lol.

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10.18.2017 , 11:13 AM | #13
Rogun and Skavaak from the smuggler storyline are good ones.

I was also sort of fond of Grand Moff Kilran. He was sort of charming and fun to interact with. At least the holo-calls with him on my smuggler were always fun in terms of the conversations.

I do like the sort of clever user of minions type villain more than the cartoon ultra-powered supervillain style. Once you've run up the power scale to destroy world/galaxy/universe there's basically nowhere left for the story and the characters to go that doesn't feel like a bit of a let-down, unless the writers are far more brilliant than the SWTOR writers.

Switch from one minion bases villain to another though, and you can have different goals, different threats, different styles of getting things done, and different minions to go up against. It's easier to build play/replay value into the expansion/sequel/DLC or what have you if going that route. So I'm actually somewhat encouraged by the direction the story is currently heading, though I won't be at all surprised if it devolves into a ultra powerful villain lurking somewhere at the end.
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10.27.2017 , 11:03 PM | #14
Darth Baras.
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10.28.2017 , 06:16 PM | #15
I might sound a little bias but HK-47 did make a good, although rather short-lived. antagonist.
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10.28.2017 , 09:32 PM | #16
Malgus, because every flashpoint led to his betrayal. So in the end your char had a big hand in bring malgus to power. Jadus because of the constant descriptions of his power as if he was the literal embodiment of death. The shroud which seemed to be manipulating events in the background. And maybe when it is All said and done maybe Theron Shan.

TalonVII's Avatar

10.29.2017 , 12:18 AM | #17
Fav villains? Hmmm.

1. Skaavik. I just loved to hate him. It was too bad he died so early.
2. Jadus. He was a cold calculating SoB. Loved the voice
3. Tarro Blood. Just another guy I loved to hate. Tickles me when I just leave him to explode on the ship.
4. Baras. Was fun at the end to give him what was coming.
5. Hunter. It was a great game between hunter and Cipher 9.
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11.09.2017 , 11:02 AM | #18
Mine's is my own SW, lol.
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11.09.2017 , 06:16 PM | #19
1- Skavak: I agree with everyone else; he really is the guy you love to hate. He made the smuggler banter and storyline really fun and memorable.
2- Baras: For all the above reasons and so much more. He made the warrior story really great.
3- Taro: Taro Blood seriously made me hate him. He didn't have to try too hard. But in the end he got what he deserved.
4- Hunter: Damn shame I couldn't have hunter around more. S/he was the Blofield to my Bond.
5- the Jedi from the BH storyline: I'm terrible with names, but you all know whom I'm talking about. He irked me.

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11.09.2017 , 08:07 PM | #20
I've only finished the stories for the SW and AI so far and I am half way through JK, BH, and RT.

so here are my favourite antagonists so far

1. Darth Barras: he is basically the heart of the SW storyline and is one of the most well voice acted characters within the game. I especially liked the master-apprentice relationship between my SW (first and main toon) and Barras, since I thought it developed really well through the chapters.
2. Darth Jadus: again, very well voice acted, and he gives you an interesting perspective on sith politics and the nature of sith. Not to mention he is a ******!

The Eagle and darth Angral were also quite interesting in terms of personality and motive. The rest of the antagonist such as Tavus and Blood don't really come to mind, not saying they aren't interesting but they aren't really anything special imo, though I understand why some people like them.