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Favorite Villian from class stories or single story content and why?

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Favorite Villian from class stories or single story content and why?

Swingkittie's Avatar

10.12.2017 , 01:41 PM | #1
Who is your favorite villain so far and Why? I think what makes a good villain is their ability to affect how it makes you feel. If the actor has done their job portraying a good villain it should spark a reaction and/or emotional response. Usually we end up desiring their death and the more we are provoked the more we want to see that outcome - whether it is for the good of our character, galaxy, or story as a whole.

For me it is Hunter from the Imperial Agent story. Something about his actions and treatment of the agent just gets under my skin. I really can't stand him and even though we can get a "surprise" reveal about him in the end, it doesn't change my opinion on him whatsoever. He is a great antagonist and does really well continually baiting the agent through out the story.
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10.12.2017 , 02:52 PM | #2
I really liked Skavak! I wish he became a companion. I loved the bad boy and the total @sshole attitude he had.
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10.12.2017 , 02:57 PM | #3
General Rakton. He's simply brilliant. Thus, it feels so much better to ruin the Mastermind's plans. But more screen time wouldn't hurt. Even for, excuse this(it's obvious), an INTJ like him. Don't fall for stereotypes lol.

Skavak's also pretty good too. Tarro Blood as well. Rogun, well, there's a missed opportunity. I feel like he could've been a rather nice gray character. H should've gotten more screen time.

edit: Treat Rakton as my #1.
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banimoka's Avatar

10.12.2017 , 08:42 PM | #4
first place :

Darth Tenebrae - for being interesting , they could have done much more with him but they crowbarred him into being 4ever badguy out of lack of imagination

second runners : not firstpick BUT still interesting characters

Darth Baras
Darth Malgus
Satele Shan - for not dying ... ever
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Joluka's Avatar

10.13.2017 , 01:32 AM | #5
Darth Baras is my number 1.
Darth Jadus is my number 2.
Hunter is my number 3, I wish she wouldn't have died and actually joined the Eternal Empire. That would've been a hell of a twist, and it'd make sense, considering she was part of the Star Cabal.
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grania's Avatar

10.13.2017 , 06:56 AM | #6
Baras, no mystery what my favorite class story is I don't talk a lot about Baras but I have fun with him every time I play the warrior story.

I can play it deferential, or suspicious or disrespectful. I can even change my character's opinion of him over time - like deferential at first and suspicious and rude as the story progresses, or the other way around if it suits me.

His look, voice, lines and story are all very memorable. I'm only sorry he can't ever come back to the story. There will never be any more Baras than what we have now.



Lazproperty's Avatar

10.13.2017 , 01:32 PM | #7
Jadus of course, just the aura of mystery and creepiness surrounding this guy.

TalonVII's Avatar

10.13.2017 , 03:49 PM | #8
Top 2 are Skaavik and Tarro Blood. You just want to hate them and grind them into paste. And the payoff for both is so good. Only thing I hate is that they die so soon.
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Ralei's Avatar

10.14.2017 , 10:33 AM | #9
Baras is probably my favorite. That VA did a hell of a job. I can't ever not laugh at all the yelling.

Overseer Harkun. OMG I'll never get his sneering "slave" out of my head. I want to punch that guy irl.

And IDK if Koth is considered a villain, but he did a pretty good job of making me hate him and want to blow him up, so he counts for me.

DavidKatski's Avatar

10.14.2017 , 12:27 PM | #10
On the Imperial side I would have to say Hunter. The entire agent storyline froml Hutta to Corellia was superbly well done. I was totally immersed into it with my character. It had the feel of a Bond-type thriller. I was even able to change outfits to match the different roles Cypher 9 had to play. And the **Spoiler Alert** twist at the end to realize that Hunter was the unknown operative who studied with the Old Man on Tattoine and that the Star Cabal was made up of NPCs from other storylines was a neat little wrap up. I played the character at a gray alignment level with dark side tendencies. The only downside, was Ensign Temple who was just a little too cheerful for my tastes.

On the Republic side, I would have to go with Darmas Polleran. In my opinion, he was the real villain in the smuggler storyline. Skavik was an annoyance and the Void Wolf was more of a plot device than a real villain. Darmas on the other hand was able to infiltrate his way in through a trusted colleague (Corso), he played to my character's desires (credits and underworld notoriety) and he had me fooled until the clues became to many to ignore. It was a real pleasure killing him! I only wish that my character could continue to interact with Port Nowhere, since he is supposed to be the leader of the underworld and Port Nowhere's owner.