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How's activity been since the merger announcement?

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How's activity been since the merger announcement?

bdatt's Avatar

10.06.2017 , 12:49 PM | #1
My "primetime' is typically 9 until midnight eastern or so. I don't really do content below HM operation difficulty. Rep side had been dead during that time frame for months, so I tried out imp side. It started to pretty much die too so I went to Harbinger. Activity and even HM pugs for EC and other operations with actual mechanics were even successful! But I didn't want to move an entire legacy so I just stopped playing.

Any population revival since the server merge announcement? Other than the trolling in Fortitude's thread I don't see much recruitment activity here in the sub-forum.

It's possible with my schedule I need to get into Satele or unsub amd replay the witcher games.

LinkinPein's Avatar

10.07.2017 , 12:38 PM | #2
You won't see an increase in population now, if anything I've noticed a decrese in both Harbinger and Jedi Covenant. It's normal, people are just waiting for the merge to happen. All there is to do now is manage your account so that you end up in the server you want.

But after the merge happens... well, most think Star Forge (where Jedi Covenant players will be moved to) is likely to be as populated if not more than Harbinger. So if you prefer playing on Jedi Covenant, transfer back before the merge.

Quraswren's Avatar

10.20.2017 , 08:29 AM | #3
At the moment I can't see any change at all on the server.

We have been asked by former members that moved to west coast servers a while back, if we had room for them to return to east coast but so far server wise it feels the same. Guildwise it's a bit of an uptick.
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