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How Many People Are Doing This....................???

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How Many People Are Doing This....................???

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10.06.2017 , 01:13 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Suzsi View Post
I dont know why people say BC is 'almost dead'. It is not, its held a pretty healthy population. I can make a new toon and step into the starter zones to see 30 to 50+ others in general chat, much like harbinger when I am there infact. The GTN is also healthy with items from new CM packs etc, another good sign its not so dead as people claim.
I think when people say dead, they think they're talking about population, but really mean community. The playerbase is fine, but no one interacts.... so it seems like there aren't many people.
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10.06.2017 , 01:15 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by fushnchips View Post
It might not be as bad as some of the east coast servers like Jung Ma, Pot5 but it's not exactly pumping either on the west coast BC is a dying server and that's for sure many people left because of it so saying it has a healthy population is an absolute lie.
Apparently everyones idea of a healthy population is different that doesn't make it a lie.

I see groups organizing ops and flashpoints in general chat often

PVP queues pop regularly when I queue for PVP -- at least during the peak times, not so much during off-peak.

The GTN isn't lacking for items.

Starter planets often have over 30 players at any given time creating new characters.

I can't run heroics without hitting gates in the open world heroic areas of other players and having to wait on respawns.

That's not an entirely lacking community. It's not over populated, but it is steadily populated.

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10.06.2017 , 01:15 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Foambreaker View Post
Like many things in discussion if you drill down you find out the people who say it is dead play pub side.

Same as the main story, if you drill down you find out it sucks for empire but it great pubs.
I do usually play pub side. As to story, I liked the Agent and the Sorc stories better than the Rep stories, although I detested the bounty hunter story even more than the scoundrel.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
Devs gambled everything on GC RNG, but they didn't even get green loot.

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10.06.2017 , 01:27 PM | #24
With the way swtor is bleeding players because of galactic command and the rediculous nerfs to classes these two big servers will probably have to merge into 1 within a year anyhow.

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10.06.2017 , 01:44 PM | #25
I still think it would have been better for them to have had a West Coast Server (Satele Shan put Harb and Bastion there fast ping for West Coast and all trolls most welcome), an East Coast Server (Star Forge put Shadowlands, Jedi Covenant and Prophecy of the Five) and a Role Play Server (Darth Revan or whatever name, put Begeren Colony, Ebon Hawk and Jung Ma there, house it in Hawaii or Alaska so everyone has bad ping and only role players will want to live there).

Sadly it is too late for that or some other solution now.

This is still an amazing game despite Galactic Command. My main homes are Begeren Colony and Jedi Covenant. Just for fun I made a new character on the Harbinger, Qaysush a female Sith Pureblood Jedi Shadow, and levelled her from 1-70 over the last five days. Wow what an experience. I had to have chat on because I was constantly looking for groups and the discussions would have made a sailor blush. Trump, race, sex, death threats, scammers, PVP noob name and shame, people abusing the Devs, people saying how bad the game is, people saying the game is dead (why do they play?) was standard each day for the Harbinger. From the moment I hit level 50 I was in a queue for an Operation and it never ever popped - so much for their perfect queue times. I did get some GSF and PvP matches but only once had an instant pop. I did many flashpoints but often was waiting up to an hour for them to pop too. Finally I did get into an Operation through fleet chat and we did Explosive Conflicts but even within our operations group there was a troll who griefed us on purpose pulling extra mobs and gettting us killed and swearing at us all until he finally got kicked.

I met many super nice people on the Harbinger like some of the members of that Operations group and the two awesome people with whom I did all the Gree missions in the PvP zone on Illum. (PS note the weekly event the Gree was also basically deserted even on the Harbinger) However overall my experience was that the Harbinger is not the place for me. Good luck to everyone from Begeren Colony going to the Hot Pocket, I would suggest that you transfer at least one toon to the Ebon Hawk now and check it out.

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10.06.2017 , 02:10 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by Stellarcrusade View Post
With the way swtor is bleeding players because of galactic command and the rediculous nerfs to classes these two big servers will probably have to merge into 1 within a year anyhow.
Unfortunately, your more than likely correct. 5.0 was a mistake. Honestly if you merged every single server remaining including EU servers you probably would have enough people to make a healthy game once again. But I have to agree that I am afraid making 2 servers for NA is too many at this point. They waited about 2 years too long to do this. Unfortunately that is the reality because I really like this game.