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melee classes disadvantge against range dds

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melee classes disadvantge against range dds

Uebli's Avatar

10.05.2017 , 04:30 PM | #1
Hi, i play with an marauder since a few months but now i ve realsed that you never had a chance aganst this commandos.
1. marauder has middle armor , commando heavy
2. marauder needs accuracy for the second sword, commando can use points for more dmg in pvp
3. marauder has no heal skills , commando has many

now i wait for the comments " you cant play , i kill every commando with my marauder" but then tell me why nearly every second rep plays commando !?

With deception assa its a bit better but after this heavy nerf in 5.5 the class is not useful in pvp too

And by the way this is Star Wars ... i played that because i will fight with an laser sword. when i want shoot i play battlefield

gice melee classes better chances to stay alive !!