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To Keith: Mag Shot needs to be changed back to Rail Shot for IO Mercs with next patch

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To Keith: Mag Shot needs to be changed back to Rail Shot for IO Mercs with next patch

MercenaryPlayer's Avatar

10.04.2017 , 01:16 PM | #1
Reason: To bring some much needed fluidity to the rotation of Innovative Ordnance Mercs.

Issues: Aside from having a terribly clunky/choppy animation, Mag Shot is also prone to bugging out and having some ability delay. (On average I get at least 2.4 seconds of ability delay with Mag Shot when used after Unload).

Proof: As you can see in this screenshot below both Unload and Mag Shot have been used with Unload being used before Mag Shot. Unload is on cooldown with 9 seconds left while Mag Shot is on cooldown with 11 seconds left. The issue is that even though Mag Shot is showing that it is on 11 seconds of its 13.4 second cooldown timer, both my guns are locked in the Unload position and Mag Shot has yet to fire. Mag Shot is suppose to be an "Instant Ability" but, here it is with a 2.4 second ability delay.

Proof: Again you will notice that both my guns are locked in the Unload position. Unload is at 9 seconds and Mag Shot is at 11 seconds with a 2.4 second ability delay.

The animation of Mag Shot is the central cause of the "choppy" and "clunky" playstyle that Innovative Ordnance Mercs are currently forced to deal with and, I believe as a long time Innovative Ordnance Merc player that the best and easiest solution to fix this problem would be to change Mag Shot back to Rail Shot for Innovative Ordnance Mercs.

These are images of Mag Shot from the side and front and I ask you keep in mind the position of the guns at the point of Mag Shot firing

These are images of Unload from the side and front and I ask that just like before you keep in mind the position of the guns as Unload is firing.

Now these next two images shows the delay in the animation trying to go from Unload into Mag Shot.

The first thing I'd like to point out here is that even though Mag Shot is on 12 seconds the guns at that point still have not dropped down into their respective firing position and, at 12 seconds is just barely finishing uncrossing both guns from the Unload position meaning that an extra second is still needed to finish the series of animations required to fire Mag Shot. The animation of Unload has Innovative Ordnance Mercs crossing over both guns while firing in a "X" shape. While Mag Shot has both guns spread out to both the left and right side and then drop down to fire. This means that going from Unload into Mag Shot requires that both guns first uncross from the Unload position AND then split to both the left and right side AND then drop down to fire. This is essentially 3 separate animations that have to be preformed before Mag Shot (which is suppose to be an "Instant Ability") can fire off correctly.

This unnecessary series of extra movements means that Mag Shot is easily predictable for an "Instant Ability" which is a huge drawback for both pvp and dueling which Innovative Ordnance spec is suppose to be good for. The extra ability delay also ruins the already small burst window that Innovative Ordnance Mercs have and, with only 8 seconds of Super Charged Gas available that means if Mag Shot does bug out before the burst window that is at least 2.4 seconds of an 8 second burst window gone because of some poorly thought-out and terribly designed animation.

These next two screenshots are of Arsenal Mercs version of Unload and Mag Shot and, as before I ask you keep mind the position of the guns in terms of their animation and firing.

Now as you can see there is a drastic difference in the amount of time it takes for Rail Shot to fire after Blazing Bolts vs how quickly Mag Shot is able to fire after Unload. At 12 Seconds Rail Shot fires but, at 12 seconds with Mag Shot it still takes an extra second for the ability to go off. The animation of Mag Shot is pointless and the extra movement in having to drop both guns down to do a "quick draw" type of animation does not fit the playstyle of this spec.

I would love to be able to suspend my disbelief when it comes to Mag Shot but, even the way it has Mercs firing both guns looks dumb and, isn't even aesthetically pleasing to look at. How exactly is firing both guns dropped down at a Merc's side suppose to be a believable move? Mercs have a range of 30 meters with Mag Shot but, what exactly is believable about someone being able to hit a target dead on firing from the hip with not just 1 gun but 2 guns from 30 meters away? IRL firing a pair of guns like that you'd be lucky as hell to even hit a target from that far out let alone hit it twice.

This video is of a professional gunslinger and even with 2 guns and years of practice he was only able to hit a single target with two guns accurately from 15 feet away. To give some perspective, 30 meters is roughly 98 feet and, so mercs have a max distance of 98 feet with Mag Shot. So imagine someone from 98 feet away being able to accurately hit you with not 1 but 2 bullets/bolts firing from their hip in a "quick draw" like animation and, you begin to see how it kills any sense of realism there. It is very difficult to suspend my disbelief with something like Mag Shot because of how outrageously stupid the animation is for this particular ability.

A move like Mag Shot needs to be given to Powertechs because the animation fits their close quarters combat style and would honestly look cooler with 1 gun instead of 2 and, here is a video example of what I mean.

In conclusion, Mag Shot sucks. Mag Shot has a poor design and the animation does not fit well with the playstyle and range needed to kite with Innovative Ordnance Mercs. Mag Shot is a close quarters combat animation and Mercs don't do as well in close quarters so a better ranged animation (like Rail Shot) is needed. The animation of Mag Shot is very choppy and is prone to ability delay which screws with the Innovative Ordnance Mercs ability to burst and push dps. Giving back Rail Shot to Innovative Ordnance Mercs will make playing the spec feel more fluid and less choppy/clunky. Between the changes to Merc defensives and the last damage nerf to Innovative Ordnance Mercs the spec is in a pretty decent place with the exception of mechanical/animation issues like Mag Shot still needing to be fixed.

This honestly is the only thing left that I feel needs to be done to make the spec perfect to play. I am not asking for a damage increase or for more heals or even better resource management. All I am asking for is that the developers give Innovative Ordnance Mercs back Rail Shot and, help give this spec the fluidity that it needs to preform at its maximum potential.

Keith this is a spec breaking issue that seriously needs to be addressed. This isn't about asking for a damage increase or asking for more heals or dcds. This is purely a mechanical/animation issue that has been ignored for far too long and, just because IO spec is not as popular as Arsenal or Healer Mercs isn't a good enough excuse/reason to keep ignoring this. Change Mag Shot back to Rail Shot!